My spirits Were Lifted by People on this Site

I was up early and had time to Visit "SHOUT' and the JIBBA JABBA that goes on there. After reading the posts my spirits soared, my enthusiam for life returned and I felt understood and appreciated. I was a bit overwhelmed with all my moving decisions and work and trying to get help from two housemates who have their own schedules and it is not choosing paint colors, the one likes the paint color fine, or hanging curtains etc. The other is willing but busy and gone and resting. You get the picture, I think and I also have a medical issue to deal with. Now how could a web site change all that? How????
I do know that it did.

One person talked of the "perfume of autumn" now I have trees and leaves and I now will joyfully await their beautiful colors and smells instead of dreading the raking. The brisk air will be wonderful and the exercise theraputic. Some others posts poems and special wishes and beautiful scenery, so before long, I was planning a planting for spring and planting for winter. Here in my part of the USA we can have flowers blooming most of the winter unless we get a really cold winter. So that was a big change. Others were talking about enjoying a good glass of wine or the special foods of their region and I got enthused to get into cooking more which fall is a great time for that. Some have medical issues, but there is amazing concern and support, and I even hear some who understand exactly how hard a move can be, but then it is all worth it later and I am so motivated.

I said my spirits were lifted and I was motivated to get going with the business of living and I have told you how it is done. Someone has said, "a problem shared is a problem halved". Being understood just does magical kind of things for the human psyche. Being reminded that the end is in sight and the outcome will be good is fortifying. Wonderful things happen when people meet and can be honest and kind to each other. I may be afraid and another is brave, and I may be bored and another is enthused with plans, and thus it goes. Sharing and caring is an indispensable part of the human experience and most of us try to spread some and get some as we travel this treacherous journey into our senior years.

My spirits were lifted and this happens a lot here on Senior Chatters.

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  1. cappuccino

    I didnt envy your housemoving,one tiny bit Rose…Its one of my pet hates…I,m glad you have managed to keep a positive outlook,these last few weeks…..Well Done ! 🙂

  2. roseinbloom Post author

    Cappuccino, You said it and I feel the same way, but I am also the type of person who makes changes. I have never lived in one place longer than 10 years.

  3. keeper of dreams

    Having this site playing “silly beggars” this weekend due to the change of server has in fact only cemented the fact of how very important all this sharing and caring really is………. especially to the some of us almost totally dependant on it for our daily communication and peep into the real world.

    So I totally endorse your comments Rose,whatever our role in life and irrespective of being fit and well or totally decrepid, it is important to have a balanced window,showing clearly what is happening in the outside world.
    Here we chat with dear ones around the world,getting to know the differences, be it in weather,our hopes and dreams or care in the system,it is all giving us a valuable outlook on what is going on, thereby enabling us to make better judgements thus making our decisions…..and hopefully,life……. easier.

    Whilst hearing of others suffering,their trials and tribulatuions,or others on the thresh hold of a new home,new life,new beginnings,cruises or what so ever…… has that vibrancy telling us that however we personally live our lives ,we are not alone…………all across the world there are people feeling similar, be it for good or for bad.

    People and what they have to say,either directly or indirectly,they have the ability to make or break a person and through these pages many lives have and are being transformed…………………. and so yes,yes,yes a big thank you Rob and the team that keep the cogs spinning daily,blips and all.

    So that we may open up the doors on our lives,revealing whatever maybe within…………which in turn, is the catalyst for offering some uplift,comfort or simple hope to another………..on the other hand offering companionship and sharing.To know another cares is very powerful and can make the difference between leading a fairly happy life or one that is down right sad and miserable.
    So Rose yes I agree wholeheartedly with you.
    Long live SC and all those that travel within her!!!

    1. roseinbloom Post author

      Keeper, You agree with me, but you may be saying a whole lot more and saying it a whole lot better, so I think your comment would make a great blog. I do appreciate your understanding what I hope I made clear enough to be understood. If we have people in our lives, we get a varied and unbiased view here. Great comment and thank you.

  4. gwynedd

    I agree that moving is a truly terrible burden. And I also agree that this site is a wonderful place to refresh and restore one’s spirits during a challenging time.

    1. roseinbloom Post author

      gwynedd. I have only met you recently, but I am glad that I have and moving is a terrible burden, but I keep saying need the physical and mental challenge and I am happy that you are finding SC a place to restore and refresh.