My History and that of others

When I first came on to this site I was neutral. I was the jester.

Over the years people have pulled some of my history out of me and my site persona has been changed.

I have been, on occasion, forced back into what I was. The person I have been trying to erase.

Sometimes what you were is not what you are now. Sometimes being shown your history is too hard.

I suspect I am not the only one in this situation.

When you come across one of us, please, let us be the jester. We have earned that.

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  1. starlette

    Hi Way, well I think I understand what you are saying, you certainly have a dry dark sense of humour, but I suppose in general conversation in the chat room, and comments on the blogs does somewhat tend to perhaps reveal more of ones inner self than they may want too………but I’m not to blame for any probing questions….Pheww…..wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of you…lol……..I will stick with your Oh sooooooo dark vids……..xx

  2. cappuccino

    I agree with your summary Way,and feel that perhaps I too have revealed some things that could have been left unsaid,but we all make mistakes and probably nobody gives a tinker.s curse about my history anyway. 🙂

  3. foreveryoung2

    I think sometimes Way some of us just need to offload, and being in cyber space appears to be a safe way of doing it, and yes we probably do reveal too much of our history. Lives can be sad and full of things we don’t want to be reminded of. I have always appreciated your comments whether I understand them or not. You play a big role on this site, and I, for one, do take note of your comments. I’m saddened that a lot of the old members have left the site, and so glad that you are still here with us. Take care xoxo

  4. sunsip

    I dont think we can erase our past, it is what made us what we are now, through lifes lessons be they painful or joyful. Sometimes we think we have shut it away like dust in an unused room, but then someone opens the window and the dust is blown back in our faces. But in saying that i never ask or reveal personal things I leave it for people to tell or not tell and then i tend to listen rather than advise. We are all different and I agree with you let people be how they choose to be percieved if they want you to know they will say.

  5. geeljay

    Hi, Way. You can still be what you wish to be. I know little more about you, than when we first said ‘hello’, on this site. Sometimes, what we blog reflects a line of thought, or elicits a little info. So just carry on being yourself. We have to accept each other on here, on the face value we show, today. I quite like the chat, so continue to be comfortable with yourself.

  6. macathy

    Well way to me your still a mystery ,but one I enjoy to see in chat or on here.I think we all at time reveal to others things we later think we shouldn’t of let out ,but we all in our way help to make the site what it is.I like foreveryyoung2 miss the old ones that don’t seem to come here now.thanks for your blog Way.

  7. vonMichael

    Each of us has made and left marks in the sand of life. But life can only be lived forward never backward so our own history is nothing else than the basement for the future we have to face.

    1. roseinbloom

      VonMichael. I like your way of expressing this thought. Our history is our foundation and hopefully most of us don’t choose to live in our basements nor our history.

  8. roseinbloom

    Waylander, The question of what we should reveal or not; who writes the rules on that? “To be or not to be”, when we hide ourselves it is a decision to negate or kill ourselves. Our essence is locked away and worthless or neutralized. We humans are given communication skills to share with others. Why is silence so valued? Each life shines a light on one direction, and I value every life.
    Waylander, I see you as a sage, not a jester but I am seeing recent history.

  9. Drummer

    Hello Waylander – your blog is, as they say – very much to the point and would be understood by almost everybody reading it. If I read you properly you are asking where do I go now – or if you prefer it, what do I do with myself now.
    Regretfully nobody else can really advise, for as we age the passing of time becomes increasingly difficult – our eyes seem less keen to read and our legs and feet certainly don’t want to go very far.
    I would suggest that you have taken the first really positive step by joining Chatters – here you are in good company with many people who share your thoughts and feelings -and I guess you will start your day by looking first at Chatters to see if you have any messages! Have a great day, kind regards Drummer