Music reflecting life, What Is Your Theme Song

I wrote a blog about the empowerment of music in our lives which sparked some thoughts and one was the idea that we need a theme song. First, I realized that I had theme songs at different periods of my life and Second, I haven’t had a new theme song in decades. I have no new music that captures my imagination and empowers my current situation.

The best thought I came up with was, “I Will Survive”. Maybe someone can help me out with the struggles of being a senior.  It may clarify somewhat if I list some of my youthful theme songs. The Beetles, “I Wanna Hold Your Hand”, Helen Reddy, “I Am Woman”, Frank Sinatra,  “High Hopes”. There are others, but that is enough to give you all an idea.

I went in search of a new theme song and I found one that may work. I am pasting a link and I always hope the technology works.

This is Miley Cyrus and a song titled”The Climb”. The words are worth hearing and remembering. Some of you may have some great theme songs for this Senior phase of life which is still not all that different from other phases as long as we keep our spirits strong and music can help do that.

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  1. drummer

    At the risk of seeming a bit obvious – surely Friends and Neighbours would seem a good choice – come on you guys&gals let’s have your choice too!
    Have a nice day,

  2. waylander

    I think I’d have to go with “All things must change” by Runrig. Once you accept things can’t stay the same a lot of the weight gets lifted off.

  3. roseinbloom Post author

    Waylander. “All Things Must Change” could work. I agree with the other part, but when things are going well, I also know they will change. “In The Sweet By And By” except I am not religious. I am being a Senior and going cold turkey to use an analogy. Music and Poetry does help.

  4. dj

    I have a couple. One is a song by The Who but specifically Pete Townshend of The Who entitled The Blue Red and Grey. Stunning lyrics. Well worth a listen. The other song is perhaps an obvious choice but I’ve sung it to myself for decades. It’s Music by John Miles.

  5. drummer

    Hi dJ If I can just add my pennerth – I can’t claim a favourite song, but change the question to sound and I would respond without hesitation the Massed Bands of The Brigade of Guards – no contest!!!