More Women, More Chatter?

Has anyone else noticed that on the Sign Up/Log-In page of this site, the photo shows twice as many women as men? I haven't counted the number of males versus females here, so I am not sure that the photo portrays the situation accurately. I also wondered if that picture has any correlation to the age old truth that most women speak 500 words for a man's one word (okay, that might be a slight exaggeration). If that is the case, it makes sense that more women would have reason to join a site called "Chatters".

Another stereotypical thing I have heard for a long time, is that men often talk with goal of problem solving, and women often just like to talk, to express themselves. Now, that is a little different than "just to hear themselves talk".

On the other hand, I have met some very chatty men, and some very quiet women.

I enjoy talking, or just feel the need to at times. When I am very stressed/sad/confused/angry (at the same time or separately), it sometimes helps to talk it out with my spouse or a trusted friend. Even when I am happy and excited about something, I might want to share it.

What happens to me is, I'll take information in and process it. I call myself a delayed reaction person. I usually think about things for a day or two, then the emotion of it will need to come out. Or I will have a moment of revelation! I get so many thoughts and emotions all jumbled up in my head and heart. Being able to express all that verbally, (or even in written form) really helps me sort it all out! I can actually work through my "stuff" as I transfer it from brain to audible words.

I have a couple of girlfriends who I can spill to, without fear of judgment. I also know they "get me". I am so thankful for them. (I return the favor for them). My husband usually gets me and can be a good listener with great insight. I do try to give the poor guy a break though....when I am really on a roll and he gets that blank stare.

I'll admit that I did not try to make this piece professionally bloggish. I'm just sharing my thoughts and babbling on and on, like a typical woman.

What think ye, boys and girls? Do tell.

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  1. roseinbloom

    Thanks for sharing and there is some real good insight in there like “giving the husband a break when his eyes glaze over”. Talking is a good thing and our best way of connecting to others. Those who talk little just have to be isolated proportionate to their failure to talk.

  2. Postman73

    Personally, i think the ‘glazed look’ is a common ailment that fella’s inherit when they to know a woman. Men and women are built different. Women resort to the price of bacon now, and the inevitable ‘have you heard about her at no.26’, whereas men, seem to struggle with conversation as a rule. Ohhh, online, and hiding behind the shield of this screen, men can be brave, even invincible, but put him in a public place, alongside a woman, and the topic of conversation may be somewhat different. Women seem to enjoy going into the depths of what they did yesterday, right down to the most minute detail, where with fellas, it’s usually a short, blunt, ‘mowed the lawn’, full stop. If asked, i’d say the women outnumbered the men by at least 5-1 on here, but not having gone through the members, i wouldn’t know, (or maybe it just seems like 5-1 ?)

  3. millie

    Interesting thoughts Kay. I have noticed that on any given blog there are many more women commenting than men but never really bothered to go thru the numbers. Women do tend to go into a lot more detail than men as a rule. I am not one of them as I am not generally a detail person – short and to the point convos.. at least on my end. I don’t vent (maybe that’s a problem, idk) but I’m a good listener if anyone wants to vent to me. It’s good (and I’m sure u realize this) that you have a husband who listens w/ a bent on problem solving.. I think men are more practical in general and women more emotional so men are guessing that you want them to help w/ a solution.. not sure they get the whole expressing your feelings thing. I, like you, tend to write my feelings down more than talk about them. I feel that is more effective in some ways and I can make sense of them better. Anyway, very interesting blog, Kay – thanks for sharing 😛

  4. Linda

    There are many factors that take play in people talking or not. True that women are known for their talking. But I have known some men who do as well. Some of it personality, if a person is an introvert or extrovert. My ex husband needed to process a thought for a while before talking, I on the other hand processed as I was talking…lol Being comfortable with yourself and the topic will determine if you bravely jump into the conversation or not. There be the case that there are more women than men and we group are verbal. Therefore, I recommend that all women in SC take a break of oh say 5 seconds (long time for us) to let the men get a word in edge wise. lol 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…. as I was saying……blah blah blah…

  5. KayBee

    Thanks Millie and Linda! I enjoy reading your thoughts on this topic! Even though I was purposely being a bit “tongue-in-cheek” about the stereotypes especially, I truly did wonder what others have experienced and observed. I like reading just plain old opinions too! 😀