mistake not ment to be here

I did not know I was a member again Until the morning after, Had no intent of coming back realized I do not make the grade a long time ago,
Loneliness is a thing best shared with one’s self U do not understand it, but U do not need to try and explain it either, I have not the intelligence or the knowledge of the word to even start to relate what makes one feel so the way we do and now am confusing myself by trying to write about it, anyway as ever I have got nowhere and good to know that no one will read this load of rubbish.
One day there might be something to late for me though!!!!!!!

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  1. Woodsie……………Believe me, I know what loneliness feels like. I have known it for a long time….most of my life. Regardless of what I do, I’m never quite accepted by most people. I guess it’s easier on here than in real life………some days, not even sure of that. But, I do understand, I really do. Now, stop being alone and BE MY FRIEND. I will chat with you anytime you like. I am on no schedule. Yes, I did read it. See? Some of us do care…………………….Scotty

    1. Hello Scotty, thanks for contact, I think we see things different I find cyber far more lonely than being alone.
      As being alone U know where U R but in cyberland its full of promise but is chill and never knowing what is thought or felt, I have not experienced the feeling for so long of being part of anything other than a carer, nurse & provider That’s my past for a very long time and future for the foreseeable.

  2. Hello Woodsie, I first read your comments when you were in a Caregiver group. You sounded so terribly depressed and I could understand how you felt….I’ve been there. I wrote to you several times and offered you a sincere friendship. I told you to feel free to vent to me when things became overwhelming. Not everyone can put their feelings into words and I didn’t expect much from you until you felt comfortable. You have to make an effort if you want friends. I finally gave up trying to get you to communicate. Scotty has made you an offer and is willing to chat any time. Maybe you will feel more comfortable with a man friend. At least TRY! Wishing you the best.

    1. Thank U Marionp I do not really know how to reply sometimes or even approach people anymore, I have made contacts before on here and similar places and there is talk of friendship but never found it or what I believe to be friendship.
      I really am sorry I missed Your offer I do not know how but it happened but you would have drawn a short straw I seldom can hold conversation anymore.

  3. Pollie, I reach but can not sum up trust anymore, for a long time now have found cyberland to be just words on a screen there now cold tomorrow.

    Thank U Steve

  4. Woodsie, you are carrying a heavy burden as I understand your situation. Any small comfort will help. I wrote a blog a few minutes ago, it may help.You seem to have lost most or all hope and I understand that but you have too kind offers and you need to try to have enough hope to believe that any help is better than no help and with some help you may be amazed at what a difference it can make. Cyber or in person, still people with hearts and minds.

  5. Hi woodie I understand what u are going through I also have been a caregiver to my husband for many years . Watching them slowly go down hill is heart breaking and very confusing all at the same time . Some days we are ok and other days not so much we morn long before they pass which seems like it might be soon his poor old heart can not take much more. I know it will be hard when he passes but I also will be grateful that his pain will be gone I know u would understand that. If u need a understanding friend chat me up I know where u have been emotionally . Sending u a big warm HUG

    1. Hello J-Lynn,

      thank you for connection, I do fully understand and know so well what times, as you talk of, are like, I have started to live life again, I do like taking pictures and most days go to the gym and enjoy the feeling after getting fitter.
      I do feel for you and know how you feel i think.

      I am not a good one at writing but will do so! for now, Bye-bye Steve X

      1. I am not good at writing either I would even say I am awful at it but I also believe it is not how I say my thoughts but what I say that will let one know me better. I am a happy person by nature and love to have a good laugh yes even at my self . I think being able to laugh at ones self is awesome.

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