Tech Changes,Celebrations, and OLD age

Tech Changes,Celebrations,  and OLD age

We have tech changes to deal with here on SC but I fussed and fumed as I usually do, since many changes are not made at my convenience since I AM NOT the center of the universe. so I adapt E V E N T U A L L Y to most of the changes. How we adapt to changes is a big part of the life we make for ourselves. What is important to us, or are we just letting life slip right past us.

We all have Funerals mostly now, but we also have graduations, weddings and other celebrations. Every time I attend one of these, I think about, what happened along the way, and what life is all about, and I run the gamut of emotions. I am sure you do also. I still think it is a good idea to share some of these.

I recently bought high heeled red sandals, and felt giddy and foolish. I knew I may be risking a fall or my back going out of whack on me, but do you stay safe, or do you keep on keeping on, as long as it is possible? What exactly is, "GROWING OLD GRACEFULLY? I also bought some flowery loose type pants along with the shoes. Hey, you either buy what is out there, or wear the clothes and shoes you have forever. I know I will be remembered as "the ONE" in the flowered pantaloons.

You also get on the gol darned smart phones and take some pics for social medial, or you will have people like gaping birds in a nest waiting to see what happened. My younger sister, a high school English teacher, won't touch a computer or send a text. I don't want to be like my sister. My older brother lives on tech devices and I do not want to be like him either. My sister loves her family and I know she does not know that social media is the new gossip circle and my sister loves gossip. Gossip, is not a good thing, but staying connected to other people is absolutely the breath of life for all people and older people need all the LIFE they can get.

Changes for me and many are like the Dr. Seuss poem, "Green Eggs and Ham". We don't like anything strange and unusual, but people keep bugging us to try it and most us do and then we love it. Life brings changes, a fact. The only choice we have, is how we adjust to them. I felt honored to be allowed to share the milestones with all the people, even the funerals, and I tried to bring dignity and celebration to all the events. I also feel honored and proud to share this website, but I NEVER liked changes and may never accept them gracefully, but I am trying.

I got encouragement in accepting this site. I overcame the inertia and threw myself into the unknown to take a long auto trip, and overcame the obstacles to be part of the recent celebrations. Overcoming inertia gets harder every year for me, how about you?
Sudden changes and the inertia of the years will always upset my equilibrium. I can try to throw a smaller tantrum, I guess.

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  1. starlette

    Hello Rose, well no one has to grow old gracefully whatever that means, at our age we have earned our stripes to dress and act how we choose, and should have the confidence to not give a damn what anyone else thinks, don’t spend too much time looking back wistfully, no point, or to look forward and question yourself what life is all about, don’t bother wasting your time looking for answers, there are none, live in the here and now, and yes we most certainly have to keep on going on……what else are you going to do, learn what you need to so that you can keep up to date, keeps the old grey matter ticking over, so there is the positive for continued learning, stops you getting stale and will always give you something to converse about…so you either change with the changing world or stand still and stagnate………no brainer really….xx

  2. vonMichael

    Hello Rose,

    please let me tell you I always enjoy reading your lines as much as those
    written by Star.

    To your topic. Rose you have in mind of going down town cos you’ve to run
    some errands for the day. You drive the same route as usual and all of a sudden a diversion stops you! There’s no alternative for you either you take it or you leave it and you have to return home. What decision would you take into consideration??
    Concerning the changes here on SC. I don’t agree to all changes that have
    been made in the past but I know now the difference between a chat,
    a talk and a communication.
    Never, never in my life I’ve ever taken part in a ale-house discussion and I will
    not change my mind for doing it in the future.
    Here on SC I have the opportunity to talk to preferred friends and to communicate with others in the group I like.

    Specially for me nothing has been changed at all.

    Last week I bought a little Surface 3 for the case of the cases with Microsoft 8.1
    on board. I don’t like all that stuff ( outlook, IE etc. ) and the fact my data get stored in a cloud as well as any of my steps or movements will be watched and controlled by Microsoft.

    Changes; no thank you. All I need is the functionality, the small size and
    the cameras I can make use of. So I went back to those roots I know and use
    small and old programs and I store my data on a USB stick like in the past.

    In total; certain changes in life I will and I have to accept whereas I leave the
    door wide open for changes and alternatives I want and need.

    And to your garments; be sure of that, no matter what you wear your taste
    will never match the taste of the others. So don’t bother yourself!

  3. roseinbloom Post author

    von michael, I always enjoy your coments very much and I know that you are honest and sincere, I have to call Google today because my period key and backspace key are not working, so keeping what I have in working order and current is more than an overload of changes Our new emoticons in Shout are still not working, so we have one smiley face only, Our email and files are on a huge computer and not on a cloud, I learned from Google when I last called Our email alsays came to a computer then to us, as for what I war, thanks for the reminder, my taste is my own and I never follow just one guru or group, When I am invited, I do want to dress to respect and honor the hosts and the occasion, My young people will remember me, and I want them too Thank you Michael

  4. vonMichael

    Hello Rose,

    thank you very much for your comment. The rest that is left to say from my refers to an English byword;

    accept what you can’t change and change what you can’t accept.

    And this underlines your personality the way I see you. Michael

  5. rodger

    Dear Roseinbloom,
    You are not alone: As an introduction let me say that I have used a computer since the days when one occupied a large room, heated up a block of offices and had a few hundred bytes of memory made up of ferrite cores. At first there were great improvements: punched cards and punched tape replaced the patch board. In the sixties and seventies I made the acquaintance of transistors and designed and built myself a computer with an 8080 micro-processor: These were all technological improvements.
    Since then I have had to wrestle with “software improvements”. It seems to me that the age old dictum “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” is unknown to the software programming fraternity.
    I now have a collection of CAD programs that cost me several hundred pounds sterling that cannot be used with Windows 8.1 and I am not going to replace them as Windows 8.1 is already to be superseded in October by Windows 10.
    Furthermore, with Windows 8.I can do nothing more than could be done with Windows 2000 which had a fine Maths Editor that I regret.
    Perhaps I can be forgiven for suspecting that these so-called improvements have ulterior motives because they have brought little benefit to me.