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This my first attempt at a blog please forgive me if I sort of ramble on. I normally live on the lighter side of life posting short sayings on chocolate. While looking for sayings on my favourite subject, chocolate, I came across an article which I have reproduce below about a research project carried out in 2006.

The of satiety on the brain during chocolate tasting in men and women.

The brain plays a crucial role in the decision to eat, integrating multiple hormonal and neural signals. A key factor controlling food intake is selective satiety, i.e. the phenomenon to eat more food decreases more than the motivation to eat foods not eaten.

To investigate the effect of satisfaction with chocolate on the brain activation associated with chocolate taste in men and women.

The results indicate that men and women differ in their response to satiation and suggest that the regulator of food intake by the brain may vary between the sexes. *Therefore there is evidence that men and women's brains differ in response to food and in this case chocolate.
* I have altered this part to make it read so us mere mortals can understand the final conclusions my apologies to the author.

I am sure there are many worthwhile research projects being carried out which will benefit us all but the one described above is in my opinion is an obscene waste of money. It will I believe be of great interest to manufacturers of chocolate products and was probably funded in part by them. With the purpose of designing marketing campaigns to increase profit margins. I am also sure there are many more projects similar to this being carried out.

We are currently in the midst of the worst outbreak of EBOLA of our generation and I have to question why so much money is wasted on such trivial research when it could have been used to fund research into finding cures or vaccines to counter such vile deseases such as EBOLA which has been with us for many many years.

Then again should I be surprised as vaccines for deadly diseases do not show up on company balance sheets.

Call me naive but our world will pay a heavy price if we continue with a policy of funding research for financial gain rather than developing vaccines/cures to deadly viruses which WILL cause a worldwide catastrophe.

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  1. pariba

    I think your right patak with regards to your recorded content in relation to EBLOA.
    Congratulations on your first blog.

    Kind Regards,

  2. vonMichael

    I am also sure there are many more projects similar to this being carried out.
    Yes Patak that’s for sure but they aren’t published and they perhaps never will be.

  3. roseinbloom

    Thank you Patak for a blog on a subject of great importance. We all help pay for research and most of us have nothing to say about how it is spent. I agree that the profit motive drives too much research and when the corporations do research, the knowledge is used to make money and often to our detriment.
    But still, the subject of satiety is of interest since obesity is probably the major health risk in the USA. I have read obesity is a more dangerous risk than smoking.
    Chocolate is addictive and used with fat and sugar to make it palatable, yet we were being told in the USA to get our antioxidants from chocolate, tea, coffee, and wine; this is an example of how individuals are being mislead.

    1. patak

      Yes Rose I agree with your comment on obesity but I suspect this research had very little to do with satiety vs obesity. Because the research carried out to compare the different satisfaction levels between me and women I believe it was aimed at deciding which sex to target marketing campaigns at. A study I have just read shows 72% of chocolate purchases were made by women. When was the last time a chocolate advert featured a man as the lead.

  4. Gael

    As a confirmed chocoholic, none of the info is news to me.

    But the point about funds being directed towards much more important areas is well taken. Of course it’s about profit as you have correctly identified, Pat.

    Ultimately, the cost is going to be more then they realize now in terms of lives lost.

  5. lani36

    What a sensible blog, Patak, well all I know is i love chocolate, to get to the other side of your blog… i saw a piece of research on television the other day whereby scientists have been allotted a huge amount of Governerment money to research why Port Jackson sharks mate with younger sharks, now i am all for the eco system and ecology, but this was trivial nonesense and a total waste of public finacial rescources, we need our scientists to put value to the dollar into our research into potential cures for the dreadful human suffering diseases before worrying about the sexual exploits of Port Jackson shark behaviour… this is a case of Governments financial grants going wrong…. and it is happening in all corners of Australia , these people putting there hands up for Gov: grants for what I feel and many others do as well trivial persuits, the money could be invested in more worthwhile projects…..

  6. patak

    Thank you all for reading my blog and for all of your comments they were all greatly appreciated. Pat