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How are you at simple mathematics? Then solve this :-
Three salesmen had just left a sales conference and decided to go to a nearby hotel for the night before returning home. At the hotel the receptionist said there was only one room left, it had room for 3 and it was £30 for the night. So they each paid £10, which comes to £30. OK so far?
A little while later the receptionist realised she had made a mistake. The room was not £30, it was £25. Got that ? She summoned the bell boy to take the £5 change to the salesmen. On the way to their room the bell boy thought, if I give them £3 change they'll be happy, and I'll keep £2 (£3+£2 = £5). Got that so far ?

Now the tricky bit.
The three salesmen had got £3 change. So they had only paid £9 each. OK

So 3 x £9 = £27, add the bellboys £2, which = £29. Who's nicked £1.

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  1. Perceptions101

    Too easy. There is no extra cash. The facts are stated. The bellboy kept the money depriving the renters of there 0.6666666666666667 change. So he has the money. And everyone was cheated. IT only seems confusing because of the way it is worded. The room actually cost 25. They paid 27 so the bell boy got 2.