Make America WHAT Again?

Make America WHAT Again?

The campaign slogan of the notorious presidential candidate Donald Trump is “Make America Great Again”. In a chilling throwback to the disastrous Nixon years, he has boasted of re-awakening the “great silent majority” of this country. A recent incident proved that some in this group are neither silent nor harmless. A beating in Boston was said to be inspired by Donald Trump’s immigrant comments. After a homeless Latino man was brutally beaten by two men, one of whom told the police that he was inspired by Donald J. Trump’s anti-immigrant message, Mr. Trump told reporters that his supporters were “passionate.” “Donald Trump was right, all these illegals need to be deported,” the police said one of the brothers told them. When told of the incident, Mr. Trump said it was a “shame” but went on to praise the passion of his supporters.

The Anti-Defamation League criticized Mr. Trump’s initial response to the attack.

“Hate crimes deserve strong, unequivocal condemnation,” said Robert O. Trestan, the league’s New England regional director. “There is nothing patriotic or passionate in this alleged attack.”

Obviously fearing political backlash, the normally unapologetic Mr. Trump then softened his statement. Apparently voicing hatred does not trouble him, but espousing hate crimes is clearly a threat to his interests.

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  1. cappuccino

    There does,nt seem a simple answer to the question ..”What the heck can America do to get good government ? ”
    The British parlimentary system isnt the answer…Both the Brits and us have a bunch of “richardheads” running the country.

    1. laurie Post author

      Indeed there is no simple answer to that question. But the people choose their elected officials, and in the case of Donald Trump, I could not imagine a worse choice.

  2. sylvestercat

    I`m not really into politics but having chatted to a few Statesiders here on S Chat this candidate certainly does not reflect the humane and good nature of the people I`ve met here.