Love SC – Then Please Let Me Know

Hi Chatters,  another request... I seem to be doing that a lot recently - sorry 🙂

Anyway, I thought it would be great to create a testimonials page on the login homepage.  What do you think?  This new page would be added to the menu bar with some new testimonials from all you lovely, lovely members - creep creep 🙂

So, if you like Senior Chatters, and can spare a few minutes I'd really appreciate it if you could write a few sentences letting people know why you like SC so much.

Please either PM me with your Testimonial, write it in the comments below, or email me directly usinge the Contact Us form

Thanks in advance


EDIT: You can see the new 'Why Senior Chatters?' Page By Clicking Here

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  1. lani36

    testamonials as to what Rob?? please repair if possible, couldn,t crop avatar.when i tried to change it now it,s sosmall one can barely see it, small whinge, ha ha and where do I go to send my subscription cant find the part thats says send details od membership accounr please help!!!!!

    1. Rob Post author

      @lani36, I’ve tested the Avatar crop function with both Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. If it’s not working for you, please ensure that your Browser is running on the latest version?

      Memberships are automatically renewed according to your chosen scheme, to view when, or to cancel/change your existing subscription, click on the ‘My Premium Membership’ link accessible by hovering over your username (top right in orange).

      1. lani36

        thank you Rob, i am so pleased with the new site , the colour blue for replies is a wonderful idea, so easy to read now. ….. i think senior chatters has to be the best site online, since i joined a couple of years ago , I have met with some of the nicest people from all over the world, I have made many new friends , and we talk outside of chatters I am so looking forward to meeting with many in the U.K. when i come over there next English summer, all going well, thank you for giving us a site that is friendly, charming, sociable and of course cannott forget the live music, that is a most wonderful asset to your site ,or our site , i should say ,as I enjoy being just a small part of the group. I do enjoy meeting and greeting the newbies and assiting them with there enquiries, it helps them to settle in a little quicker if they feel welcomed.there is something for everyone, Well done for a wonderful site…. LANI

  2. nmod

    After being a member of Senior Chatters for more than three years . I can say with certainty that I know my way around the site pretty well .
    I love our diverse community ,the many interesting people we get to meet from all around the world . It’s safe and friendly …I just love it here !
    It’s so nice to go around the site and enjoy everything it has to offer without any adds flashing up trying to sell you this or that ! For me personally this has to be one of the best features of this site .”adds free”
    I also love the myriad of ways we can communicate with each other …chat rooms , private chat , groups , blogs , games , entertainment , quizzes , you name it …It’s all here ! …there is a strong sense of community …we laugh …we cry …we pray …we support each other …we are a family .

    1. sunflower1952

      Thank goodness for this site!
      Thank you Rob for all the hard work you do in keeping SC up and running smoothly. And when I need help – I get it fast. In person, I’m very shy but this site has made it so easy for me to make – and I have made many friends, Thanks a million!

  3. jsmile

    When I joined SC there were three hundred + members. If I recall there were only four from the US. I actually found the site by mistake. A good mistake it was. I’ve never been one for paying to chat but during the trial period at that time I decided this is about as good as it gets so I paid the dues and joined. Haven’t regretted one bit. Like Nmod said NO ADS lol. It is good to be a part of a place where you have such a diverse culture. I have made friends with some awesome people from the UK as well as US. This is the only place where the owner is involved with the members and really cares about them. Rob does a great job at maintaining SC. We do have a good place here to chat and have fun. We don’t have to worry about spams and harassment. If Rob and the people who work behind the scene see mischief they deal with it swiftly and I appreciate that. Thank you Rob for providing such a great chat community for seniors although I don’t consider me as one yet LOL.

  4. Postman73

    Hiya Rob, listen mate, i can’t add much more than what has been said already, but what i will say is this. Whatever you do, and no matter how hard you try, you’ll never get this site to work 100%, nothing ever does without having problems, it wouldn’t be lifelike if there were no snags and question marks to sort out, that’s life. And even if you were to manage that elusive 100% satisfaction rating, there’ll always be someone whinging, someone not happy about something. Personally, i think you’re doing a grand job. Loads of people on this site, including myself, would be absolutely lost if you were to walk away tomorrow. What’s that old saying ?, ‘You don’t appreciate what you have until it isn’t there anymore’.
    Just as one pointer, i love the new Party Room format. It makes for a much more interesting feature, and much more welcoming and a clear sign to all that you are trying to move with the times, as well as pleasing everybody.
    This site’s a haven for people like myself, who need that ‘extra something’ in their lives.

    Thanks Rob, you’re doing a great job !

  5. goldengirl1224

    I joined Seniors Chatters back in January I believe – first time I had ever looked into a ‘chat’ site and was pleasantly surprised at what SC offered. A variety of groups and the opportunity to ‘chat’ with people from all over the world with diverse interests.

    It has been a very positive and enjoyable experience and the people I have met have been interesting, fun and above all very helpful and welcoming.

    Personally, I would highly recommend this site.

  6. skippy

    I have loved Senior Chatters over about three and a half years, Bit of a roller coaster ride at times lol which I would not have missed, learnt so much about myself and others, a growing experience.

    I have made the most wonderful life long friends. Love them dearly. Love their loyalty, kindness, positive attitude and most of all the unique individuals they are.

    Senior Chatters is a great site, well done Rob.

  7. johnwharden

    lani l,m geting the same, the photo just gets smaller and smaller every time you put a photo on here it says crop, hold on wheres me goggles lol lol xx

  8. morvenna

    Oh I love it here……I was off line for 4 weeks due to my lappy breaking and I was distraught lol………Rob you are doing well….Thanks M xxxx

  9. Down2

    I have chatted in various chat rooms when I have been bored, and quite honestly I was appalled with the arguing , abuse and threatening behaviour between some of the people who were complete strangers to each other.
    When I first found this site, I thought to myself no way would I pay to be abused and read arguments. BUT I soon found that it is well maintained, has good observant on the ball moderators who soon show the aggressors that they will not be tolerated and exiled from the site, leaving the friendly, welcoming ,warm hearted people who come with a wide range of interests, humour, knowledge and countries making it the sort of site I can enjoy and feel comfortable to spend an hour or more in.
    Thank you Rob, and most of all the few chatters I have met in here and had a good laugh with in the short time I have been a member of this site.

  10. vonMichael

    Good and decent Job you’ve done Rob. I myself find the new style makes more sense as well as the
    handling itself seems to be more comfortable. As more as I try as more I will learn.
    Thanks to you Rob.

  11. roxyanne

    I love senior chatters and I have meet lots of lovely people here even meet up as a group with some of them and had a great time with them I had lots of help when down as I lost 5 people so close to me in one year and my friends here gave me comfort so a very good site

  12. patrickr1950

    Golden Friendships — A Few Reflections

    I truly believe that as our bodies age our minds grow both younger and deeper. We know ourselves better so we can allow ourselves to be ourselves and to be far more playful. And we know life better, so we can bring something deeper to our friendships.

    I have been chatting online in one form or another since 1986 (remember the old BBS systems?). I have been part of countless online forums over 27 years. Senior Chatters is the best online meeting place I have ever experienced.

    Senior Chatters is monitored. This can be challenging at times – you cannot and you will not please all the people all of the time. The result, though, is that those who are persistently disruptive will, after a while, vanish seemingly magically. Most other sites I have been on in the past have been ruined after a while by one or two people who poison things for everybody else. Toxic people don’t remain here for long, thank goodness!

    Senior Chatters has an even greater advantage than this. We are all at least fifty years old. We are often playful. We support, and when it is needed we comfort one another. We make real friendships, friendships that have real depth, based on the shared experience of having wrestled with the roller coaster of life for many years.

    When it comes to making friends, Senior Chatters is pure GOLD!


  13. framus

    SC is a fine site, thankfully not too many nutters. Not perfect, but certainly does the job! Some of us seem a bit high-handed in judging other, generally new, contributors, but often correctly.
    Live long and prosper!

    1. blinker1

      A few nutters fram, but only one lurker thank goodness. no-one could compete with your lurking capabilities. lurk long and prosper. xxx

  14. Maywalk

    I have been tryig to get in the chat room this morning but all I am getting is a bell dinging each time try to get in. I dont usually have problems so wondered if there was anything amiss.? I am in the UK.

  15. katelin

    It is so nice to see this blog pop up again in the random revolving blogs. There are so many appreciative testimonials for this wonderful, safe, friendly site! Even after all these many years that this site has been in existence, it remains the best senior chat site. There’s a lot to be said for the caring, hands-on approach that Rob, the owner of this site maintains, to assure that things continue to run smoothly… as well as taking time to actually interact and chat with members, himself. Thank you, Rob.. for giving us all an enjoyable place to be. To be able to meet people from all over the world, continues to be a daily joy.