Logins and Passwords

When I was in high school, the only numbers I had to remember were my padlock combination on my locker.
My new computer came with a program to keep logins and passwords. It's called Dashlane. It even fills out forms with the information I put in there.
Yesterday I thought I'd make a copy of all the sites I need a password. Because one click action has made me kinda lazy, I remembered that I have not written that information anywhere. And I don't feel like having to click that "forgot password?" link on the login pages.
Well I have 49 logins and passwords. That doesn't include here or banking facilities.
Good thing I only need a key to start my van!

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  1. waylander

    Perhaps I’m a suspicious old sod, but any “program” that wanted me to enter all my login names and passwords on it wouldn’t stay on my computer for longer than 5 seconds.

  2. janey

    I have one which is part of McAfee called True Key. I find it useful. I counted and I’ve got 60 or so different sites I’ve got passwords for. Though I don’t actually use many of them all the time.

  3. Stones345

    I agree with Waylander. I would be very hesitant to have my logins and passwords stored on my pc. There have been people I know who clicked on bad links and their computer was taken over by ransom ware. There are thousands of these ransom ware virus’ out there from simple to very severe. What happens is that the virus encrypts EVERYTHING on your pc including external back up drives. It then holds everything of yours for ransom and asks to be paid in bit coins which are converted to $$’s. The last person I knew that this happened to was asked to pay $300 US $’s to have access once again to his items. The thing is, like I said before, sometimes these ransom ware programs can be simple to untangle if you are computer savvy. This person had an IT relative come over to look at his pc and the hacker who set up the virus must have been an amateur. The IT person found where the encryption code was located and within the encryption code was the decryption code so the IT person reversed it and the person was able to get everything back. Very, VERY lucky … Give it some thought before you open yourself up to this type of nightmare happening…

  4. roseinbloom

    Passwords are a problem, and you are supposed to change them often. There are a few that needs to be worried about and the others are not that important.
    I like my Google chromebook. It has god security.

  5. Cloudless13

    Blimey all these log in sites you need different tags for. 60.
    I would also agree with waylander. I don’t trust anyone and as for money on line would never use online banking.