Logging out advert.

Does anybody else get the giggles or something, when they log out of SC and immediately see the advert for senior mature dating UK? ..the one where the woman is posing on the bed?..I mean.....c'mon..!!!

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  1. cappuccino

    Never seen it Illy,but I guess that if/when mature seniors start dating,they dont waste time with preliminaries like when they were younger…lol.

  2. Rob

    Yeah, sorry – the ads that get served on the logout page are dynamically generated and are supposed to create a valuable user experience. mmmm. I’ll look into trying to filter any that are inappropriate that pop-up… But I’ll need the URL (link) so I can filter them


  3. pollie

    hahahahahahaha do you know…I have been DYING to say that right from when it first came on!!!! If that is what ‘mature’ senior chatters look like…well stay single i say lolololol!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

  4. debz

    I’ve not seen the logging out one but the logging in one with the 2 women..

    I think the one with dark hair reminds me a little of Una Stubbs!!!!!… it looks as if she is helping her Mum with the chat site…., or is it her on the chat site and her Mum helping her!!! ha ha

    1. illgner Post author

      Well you have definitely missed out there Debz….lol…I wouldn’t like to liken this particular “mature ” woman to anybody!!!!
      I always think of Uns Stubbs too when looking at the logging in ads. I also think that one of the women looks like Wendy Craig!!!!