Well, first life is way too short. It's a shame we don't get an instruction manual when we are born.
There are so many things we don't understand but sometimes we never get it anyway.

I wish we had 2 choices in life & a crystal ball to look at those choices before we choose.

In sight would be amazing ! So much I would have changed.

I love my children & my grandchildren. That is one thing, I wouldn't change.

I know what you are all saying, not possible without the life you have now.

I agree. Don't we all have regrets ?
I have dreams that didn't come true. I love who I am now. I just need another future to go with me, now.
My life is three quarters over, so what do I do ???

Make the most of it & keep going.

Thanks for listening.

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  1. dianne

    o boi this really speaks to me … yes I’d do it ALL differently if i had the chance to … I have no offspring and therefore no ‘grandoffspring’ lol … I have no life partner cuz I went thru ’em like popcorn … if I’d had crystal ball I probly wouldnt have used it lol … thanks so much for posting this.

  2. moviegran

    Hi Everyone

    Thank you to Pollie, Dianne & Foreveryoung2 to their comments made on my last post. Much appreciated.

    I didn’t realise that other people in the world thought like I did.
    I think as humans we think that we are the only ones going thru it at the time, whether it be happiness, sadness, loneliness or no money.We always think, why me ?
    But we are not alone in this world. We only have to reach out & someone is there.
    So really we shouldn’t feel alone. Look at us all on here. We can always chat to someone.
    I have taken great pleasure in this site. Laughs I’ve had & the nice people I’ve met. It’s been amazing in the few short weeks,I’ve been a member.
    To all of you out it’s a pleasure to know you all. Can’t wait to make more new friends.
    Love Moviegran

  3. Catraoine

    If I had had a crystal ball that showed me what some of my life was going to be like I would have turned my back on my life as I would never have believed I would have the strength to get through it. Because I didn’t know I held on to hope, I’m so glad I did.