Life is yours to live as best as you can !

Life is yours to live as best as you can !

Been sitting thinking about getting old,I know lots say age is just a number.I know that a lot of you are like me and that there are more numbers been lived then there will be to live.
I also know that I get more phone calls about funeral insurances now then I do about life insurance,someone must be counting!
I try to tell myself there are lots of miles left in this old car yet,till I stand up.then I know if I really was a car I would be on the scrap heap,when I move the radiator leaks the exaust backfires,hear me coming a mile away wheels creaking.
Would have thought that technology could have invented a way to renew this old body by now.Well they say we will be living a lot longer.Government here wants people to work till 70 now days,glad it's not for me.
The thing I am really thinking is that there will always be things that will never be perfect,as we aren't.This is what we have so we make the best of it live the life that is ours to live.Be happy as best you can without hurting anyone while you live it.

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  1. roseinbloom

    Macathy, You nailed it. That is OLD AGE. We can whistle past the cemetery, but it is still scary. Most of us won’t be scrapping a new car. LOL I know old people and some have defied all expectations, and the ones I find amazing are the ones that live at the peak of their potential. We all need to live life as fully as we can. Focus on what we can do instead of what we cannot.Old age is not for sissies.

  2. marionp

    I will be 84 next month. As you say…everything creaks, groans, leaks etc but thank God I have my faculties. I will put up with an aging body as long as I can function mentally.

  3. roseinbloom

    macathy. Thank you for a real good and honest blog. It resonates with all seniors. All can relate to part or all of what you say. Life always has challenges, and as seniors we have challenges that we know we will not overcome.

  4. starlette

    Life was never perfect when we were younger, but we got to where we are today ,sooo just keep plodding on ladies…… we have a choice, yes we do, but I know what mine will be……….. so the funeral adverts can sod off……xx

  5. KayBee

    I am one of the younger ones here. I will be 52 soon. But…Mac I so enjoy all of your blogs. I am going through a few changes recently (Yay for menopause! Wooo! 🙂 )
    I’m a first time Grandma, our baby is two.
    But we all have challenges and joys in life of various kinds…some minor and some major. I know I have a lot to learn.
    Your last paragraph: Great words to live by daily!
    Thank you for sharing.

    1. macathy Post author

      Your welcome Kay,we all have to learn to life with the changes.Enjoy your grandchild they are a true blessing to be loved.the other part well it gets better lolo thanks for reading my blogxxxx

  6. Scotty75

    Some days I think growing older is wonderful, and the next day I wonder who put that thought in my head………I do though enjoy not living with an alarm clock, can take as many naps as I want, can eat when I want, and don’t have to answer to anyone but me. Growing up was not all that easy for me, so I am truly enjoying my later years. Good blog to get us oldies thinking!

  7. laura

    Mac, as always love reading your blogs,….It made me giggle at the thought of your one statement “when I move the radiator leaks the exaust backfires,hear me coming a mile away wheels creaking”. It kinds of reminds me of thesaying of the older generation reverting to their second childhood, with the leaking radiator, the exhaust backfiring LOL, sounds like most of us while we were all in diapers, just learning about life, and now here we are, a lot older and a lot wiser, but possibly again wearing diapers!

    I love my life for what it is, I have had a lot of rough spots in my life, most i dont share here, but I have learned a lot and am a lot wiser the second time around, so I enjoy each day for what it is, hold those I love close, and I no longer sweat the small stuff like I used to.

    keep on blogging mac, you usually hit the nail on the head!!! xxxxx

    1. macathy Post author

      Scottty carry on enjoying your later years.I think we have learnt that life is good and can do as we like,something I didn’t do a lot of in earlier years either.thanks for kind words.

    2. macathy Post author

      Sorry got this out of wack you know me laura.old lol
      Carry on laura enjoy the days as they come you deserve them ,be happy.
      I hope you have some really bright days ahead of you.thanks for your comments.

  8. CSweet51

    Love this blog Mac, I may leak and I may snap, crackle and pop when I get up but you know, I would never want to go back in time. I am who I am because of my past. Which was mostly a lot of fun….My body condition on the other hand….! Had I only known the outcome down the road! I would have taken better care of it! lol!
    Life is short, Life is great
    Be kind to one another