Life Before Lynn (pt 3.)

Haven’t got much I can put in writing about Rita so I will talk first about a couple of near misses. The 1st of which i don’t really understand. She seemed to enjoy our date and planned to meet again at the same time the following week. I rang her doorbell and let her know I had arrived for our date.  After waiting for about 10 mins I rang her bell again, but I didn’t get an answer in this occasion, so I thought she must be on her way. She still hadn’t arrived after another 10 minute wait. I didn’t know exactly where her flat was or how quick the lift was, but I think I could have walked up to it in the time I waited. So I gave up and started the return journey to the bus station. Shortly after leaving the block of flats I heard a police car siren – I didn’t see the car but I imagined it went to the block I had just left.

In the 2nd, I had a pleasant evening with a girl, her Sister and 3 other friends of hers. We returned to her house with her and her sister. Went in for a nightcap and planned to leave shortly after. They said I couldn’t leave that night because I lived in another Town and had too much to drink. I’m actually a safer driver when only having 2 drinks, but yes I would have failed a breathalyser. I was offered the bed of my date, by her sister. I said I couldn’t because I didn’t really know her, although I probably would have accepted if I hadn’t already found out by that time that her Son slept in the same bedroom. After that they remembered an unused but still comfortable sofa in a different room. We arranged another date and I went home the following day. However, she rang that night to cancel the date. Her ex-boyfriend had seen us together and I think he knew we had spent the night together. She told him I had been a complete gentleman and nothing happened. The result was he wanted to give their relationship another chance.

I can’t write much about my relationship because it was a physical one. The only things  I can note are once I had been sitting on a settee for awhile and my legs were being to stiffen, so when I got up to go out, I was up on one leg, down on my other knee, back up on one leg and walking naturally. Quite a sight for those watching, but I only got to experience it. She was with me when I had a crash with a stationery car. She was putting a tape on, when the case fell on the floor. I looked down momentarily, but when I looked up I couldn’t understand what I could see in the headlights. Turned out it was a car parked the wrong way round on the road. If it had been the other way round, I would have picked out the Red of the Rear or Brake lights. Before I had chance to think what i needed to do, friends of the other car’s owner were viewing the scene.

On another occasion Iwent to leave my car at Rita’s house, whilst I was taking a pre-arranged holiday. One one of my brothers came with me, I introduced her and he took me home in his car; in his opinion She was too posh for me. We lasted about a year though. The relationship ended though because her Daughter didn’t think i was good enough for her Mother. However, a few months later she rang up wanting to start again, but by this time I was with Lynn. I have reservations about my brothers opinion. But in this phone call I found out her Daughter’s opinion was also suspect. She had ended her relationship because her boyfriend used to beat her up.

Forgot to mention earlier that Rita got in touch with me after being dumped by the person she was previously dating and she had fallen deeply for him. I’ve been told before that rebound relationships don’t work. Although we weren’t together,  I was still worried about her, so I rang on her birthday. She seemed to be happy and was in a new relationship.

I wrote these 3 posts because I wanted show that although my strongest memories occurred after meeting Lynn, I did have a life before meeting her. Tomorrow’s post will include information about my work life – which is obviously pre-COVID.

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    1. Sorry, but I had left by the time I heard the sirens – it was my assumption they were heading towards the block of flats that I had just left. I couldn’t see the block and the police cars were coming from a different direction

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