Life Before Lynn (pt.1)

Although I often say my life started when I met Lynn, I did have a few relationships before her. I term a relationship as one that lasted beyond the 1st date. I might have dated my cousin a few times I don’t think I considered her as anything other than the Sister that I didn’t have. This post is supposed to be about the 3 loves I had before Lynn but as my memories can get wordy, I will see how it goes.

The 1st person I considered a girlfriend wasn’t really a girlfriend, she was just somebody I dated. I worked for Rolls-Royce, the aircraft engine maker.  Rosie was the girl that delivered post to our department. We were expecting a parcel another company. So I went to the mail room to ask if it had come. She couldn’t help so she took me to her Supervisor. The supervisor laughed when she realised why I had come. The other girls thought I had been asking Rosie out on a date and she told me that the parcel was probably stuck at Moor Lane (or was it Nightingale Road ?) where all the post went before being delivered to the other sites.

I didn’t know she was single but it made sense to ask her to come with me to the Beir Keller (I think that is the correct spelling) in Sheffield, which was a trip being organised by another person in our department. To make sure I knew where she lived i went to her house the week before. The entrance to her house seemed to be via a gate into the grounds. Her father was outside who told me to get off his land. I told him I had come to see his daughter. He repeated his order for me to get off his land. So I asked him how I was supposed to see his daughter. He asked how I had met her. I said through work. So he replied “through work then”. Before I was able to say anything else Rosie appeared and we went for a walk. I told her what her father had said but she just said he was funny like that sometimes. The following week I went to pick her up and was greeted by her Father again who said “I thought I had told you to keep off my land”. I told him I had come to pick up his daughter. I had a short wait at my car.

We drive into town and I left the car in a carpark that was just around the corner from where we were to meet the bus. We had a good time in Sheffield. There was a bit of fumbling on the seat on the return journey which took us back close to where she lived. She was able to leave the bus here but I didn’t take up the suggestion made by others on the bus that I walked her home – I was a bit embarrassed by what I had been doing, she was close to home, land that I was not supposed to go on, and my car had been parked in Town. I never picked her up at home again although I did take her back home and our activities didn’t go beyond the Car. We did go to the Bier Keller the following year and had a few more dates (mainly weddings) in between. 

I went on a Stag Night with one of my friends who was due to get married the following week. I hadn’t taken more than a couple of Sips from my pint, when the others decided it was time to more on the the next pub. I stupidly bought a pint in the next pub and the same thing happened 10 minutes later, time to move on. So at the 3rd pub I changed to drinking Whiskey and Orange, but by then the moves to other pubs slowed down. By closing time in the last pub some of the others were talking about moving on to a night club. The future groom had had enough though, he was going home. That was a good enough reason for me to decide to do the same thing. That was the only time I’ve been drunk – not so much the amount I drunk but the speed I had to drink it at. But anyway the next day, i had been invited to another friends wedding. Not sure why but Rosie was only going to the reception. 

I wasn’t feeling too good the following day so I sent my apologies and missed the wedding, but later I met Rosie as arranged and went to the reception. I didn’t start to feel better until I had a drink – The hair of the Dog does work. She was wearing a lovely dress which had sort of ruffles at the top and all I did was put my arms around her and the winder of my watch got caught in the ruffles. It was a bit embarrassing asking someone to untangle us.  I will stop there because little of note happened in my other dates with Rosie. She packed up with me long before I realised it and I heard a rumour that she was having a baby with him – I was very naive then.

As suspected, I’ve written a lot more than I expected, so I will continue with the other 1 or 2 tomorrow.

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