Life again.

I recently became Widowed after many years being fulltime carer, leaving me to start living life or what is left of it and lucky for me making new friends as none were left from before, now what do I do with having so much time to myself a thing I have never known before. Now I do not really know what I will be doing or where I am going but hope to be sharing some of it with others!

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  1. Hi Woodsie,glad to hear you are making new friends,maybe some of them will have hobbies and interests that you could also persue, or have a think back on what you used to enjoy doing and find outlets, groups and clubs who have meetings on the subject, classic cars would be good because that gets you out around the country to car meets/ shows, or maybe take up part time work again if possible…..

  2. Get a dog for company. Trust me they are always happy to see you and so faithful. And what starlette said.. fine hobbies or interests you use to like. Join groups with same interests as yours..

  3. Woodsie, You have choices and make good ones. Do what starlette said. All of us need to make the most of the time we have. You are smart to ask the question, but I and most of us don’t know you well enough to be specific. First, you have to keep doing what you have done, you will be taking care of one person instead of two. You will cook, clean, shope, go to doctors. You will try to enjoy those tasks. Seriously, don’t forget to take care of yourself. Then with the rest of the time you will pursue what you enjoy doing. Go to a senior center and do things with them. Look at your community and see what is available and do what you can. Find friends. It is possible. If you want to know more, right a more specific blog. Join groups in your area and I forgot where you live. Good luck.

    1. Roseinbloom, thank you not sure about the older groups I know my age is older but my mind is far from that, I am in Kent.
      Not sure what more specific would be?
      most of the other things you say I do do, cooking is a bit iffy good thing there are many microwave meals now.

  4. The foregoing responses offer sound advice, but ultimately how you fare will depend on your own thoughts – but keep in mind that are many of us thinking of you.

    1. Thank you desetgirl, I guess from your comment that you are caring for someone that is in need of you! if this is correct you have my support as well one thing I know is being a carer is the loneliest place to be! nothing will ever give back what is past and lost!

  5. it’s not easy for men to speak up and show feelings. so woodsie, good on you on that count for starters.
    i felt exactly the same when my first wife upped and left with our 2 kids a week before Christmas. I know it’s a completely different situation but oi was left alone in a house, i’d never been alone before, i had to learn how to drive the hoover, washing machine, the cooker, microwave and iron. i’d never before experienced these silly things but i soon found that my days went by quicker than i had anticipated simply by learning how to use those things, i had a couple hobbies i enjoyed also.
    try to stay busy and when you feel down just remember there’s a big family here waiting to talk if you need it.

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