Latest Site Update – What You Need to Know…

Ok, so the last few days have been pretty busy on the site, with a few changes that I want to tell you all about.

Firstly, the Party Room has been retired. It wasn't used very often and because it was stand-a-lone from the other chat rooms it consumed resources that I felt could be put to better use elsewhere.

The Lobby (general chat room) has always been the main room, and that is not going to change. However, it has been mentioned increasingly that some Chatters find the Lobby too fast and difficult to keep up with the conversation; especially when there are lots in the room. Hence the reason why I have introduced two new rooms for you to enjoy too.

The Think Tank

This new room will be a quieter room, perfect for Chatters who want a slower paced chat and are interested in more topical discussions. A room where you can put the world-to-rights so to speak. This room will now also cater for any political or religious chat too.


This room is for quick, punchy chat, ideal for those Chatters seeking light-hearted conversation where the emphasis is on humor, one liners, and genuinely just having a laugh. All in good taste of course.

You will now find a "Who's Where" list of members in Chat on the homepage, with login buttons to each of the main rooms. However, newbies will ONLY be able to login directly to the Lobby, the 'Think Tank' and 'Giggle' rooms are still accessible to newbies, but ONLY once they are logged into the Lobby. Premium Members (not trial members) will have a choice as to which main room they want to login to.

This ensures that the first point of contact for newbies is always going to be the Lobby.


Chat room rules and site terms and conditions still apply to ALL ROOMS. A Site Admin/Monitor will still monitor the rooms. Moving forward, it may be that I need to request the services of some additional monitors to help - we'll see... Also, you may ONLY access one room at a time. Please do not attempt to join multiple chat rooms concurrently.

I hope you like the new changes? I realize some people would prefer having just the one room. In a perfect world - yes, I would agree. However, it's never going to be perfect and as the site continues to develop, impossible to cater for everyone's taste. Due to our International reach there are bound to be clashes and differences of opinions among members. This can only escalate in a live chat environment where words and meanings can quickly become misconstrued. That said, I don't think it's too much to ask for all of us to be courteous and respectful to the people we meet, no matter who or where you are. Manners cost nothing.

By providing a choice of chat rooms I hope we can cater for the vast majority of people on the site. As I've said before, nothing is set-in-stone. I'm happy to hear about any ideas you have, and will do my best to offer a service that continues to help people build friendships as quickly as possible in a safe fun and friendly environment.

All the best

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  1. Postman73

    Speaking for the Think Tank Rob, i, and those who frequent the room, love it, no complaints at all. Like you say, ‘You Can Please Some of the People Some of the Time …….’. Looking at things from a different angle, for those who don’t like change, give them only one corner shop to do all their week’s groceries, and they’d be up in arms !!. Choice never hurt anyone. Great job !.

    1. whippet2

      well put rob i think that should explain to all and hope that we dont have any bad feelings in the rooms as i think this chat site is still the best around thanks for you explaination

    2. roseinbloom

      Postman, I like choices, but I now finally know a little more bit more about what and how to make choices. i don’t understand QUIETER. If you don’t like noise just turn off sound. People can only talk one at a time and when no one posts, I think my computer has frozen. There are times when there are just too many people, 15 to 25 and we could use two chat rooms. Maybe it could be called an overflow
      room. Some people may prefer a very small number of people.
      Right now, all these changes, need further study by Rob and crew. I would like to laugh, and think, and chat in the same rom as I feel inclined or others feel inclined, and to be enriched by whatever people have to offer and that is my choice. The only real problem is the numbers issue.

      1. Postman73

        By my saying ‘QUIETER’ Bloom, my definition of that in here, is somewhere with less people, who were chatting at a much slower pace, and not having their views on things constantly overridden by others. People in the Think Tank, are encouraged to speak their minds, and have their own views, and as for the ‘Numbers Issue’, i really find no problem with the grand total of 3 rooms personally.

        1. roseinbloom

          I have found a whole lot of nice people in the chat room lobby. It isn’t 100% but the few that rile or are rude don’t stay or learn to blend . It is amazing how well the rooms work and the monitors are there to kick the ones out who are really there for the wrong reason, or just don’t know how to follow the rules.

    3. dandelionsmiles04

      I am new here but in this very short time , I have been impressed with your resolve to better the environment for your fellow chatters. You suggested the Speak Easy Room to provide a calmer, reflective, and unhurried atmosphere. The name has changed to Think Tank but the concept has not (more options for chatters). In addition, your inspiration led to a third chat room Giggles. Thank you for thinking of us. I am pleased that this site has a wise leader to recognize his chatters needs and and listens to them. You both did fine work. Thank you, Dande

      1. Postman73

        Dande, please, as much as i appreciate your kind words love, this really has nothing to do with me. Rob runs the full show, along with all the Admins and Monitors, i only asked for a quieter room, nothing more. Thankyou anyways.

      2. georgia

        Not sure how long you’ve been here, but to me, you are no longer ‘new’. My encounters with you have been nothing but pleasant, enriching. Maybe new to this, but you jumped right in, and I will always be glad you did.
        Great and appreciated comments!

  2. lani36

    Hi Rob choice is good, a little difficult when some friends are in 1 room and others in another , have to go from room to room, but i guess in time, it will work itself out as these things usually do, thank you also for correcting my site, my provider is changing from copper to cable works throughout Australia and is causing quite a few problems, I was recieving e.mails from others as to where i was . i had to go to facebook to let them see I was o,k, lol. . so thanks again for your assistance …Lani

  3. vonMichael

    Hello ROB,

    Kudos, Kudos for you. Especially for me as a non native speaker your
    ideas will bring far more comfort and dynamic into the element chat itself.
    Many thanks for your good idea. Michael

  4. friendlya

    Thank you Rob, I am impressed with your changes. I do agree that you cant please all of the people all of the time, but you can please most of the people most of the time, and you do a pretty good job of recognising that… hence we are all members of the best senior chatters site! Thank you once again…. Kind Regards Annie

  5. georgia

    For me, it is more about your commitment to us, your continued desire to make changes to benefit all of us. Whether they work, or fail is not the point. The point is your tireless effort to try. Thank you for that,

  6. nmod

    It’s really fun to see who is where in the chat rooms and I can see all three rooms are being used ,however though I ask myself how would it be possible to keep a chat room at a slow pace ? Is there a limit on how many chatters are allowed in each room at a time ? And … When chatters get in and out of the rooms isn’t it the same constant hello and goodbyes ? How would it be possible to keep on a conversation going on some topic ,when new chatters get in ? Are they told to join in on the topic or move on to another room ? And to those who are not happy with some of the territorial chatters who take ownership of a room …how do you prevent those chatters
    from entering the think tank room for example and take ownership of it ?
    Just throwing some questions … 🙂 🙂

  7. grandmaj

    I am just as confused nmod. With the blogs I am now not sure I am not welcome in the other rooms as comments in the blogs indicate that there is some in the lobby that they dont wish to speak to. So I am none the wiser and maybe best to stay in lobby, I dont know lol

  8. tessa

    Thanx for all the work you do Rob, site looks pretty darn good! Everything seems to be pretty straight forward and easy to navigate. P. S…..don’t forget the “toys” you mentioned, lol More emoticons would be so fun!! All Best, Tessa

  9. lani36

    My 2 pence…. i was on last night Aussie time zone… i realised what a good thing these 2 new rooms are , 1, if one does not appreciate the conversation ,one can move to another room, no problems…..2, the lobby is great to welcome the Newbies and talk to old friends, and assist the Newbies in finding there way around the rooms of their choice, …3, if you want a bit of a laugh you can jump to the giggle room , where one will not annoy more serious chatters with their laughter, I tried all three last night and enjoyed my evening , i do prefer the lobby it is the main room and i personally will spend a lot of my time there because i like to welcome the Newbies because they are nervous and dont know much when they first come in…. However it was nice to be able and freely move from room to room and continue to enjoy everyones company, i didnt see any negativity last night , everyone seemed to be exited with the new rooms, as the saying goes,change is good…..

  10. teddyted1

    Rob re, your blog on chat rooms etc, isn’t rather amazing you have been running this site for 5 or more years now and you still haven’t got to a point of a satisfactory conclusion or is the old adage that is so often spouted on the media news by all those who have made errors from their mishaps ,, ” we have lessons to learn” after many years of hearing it it becomes superfluous. You can’t please 100% of the people all the time, there has to be some, who never agree with the rooms no matter what you do to try and correct the issues.