Last Stall on the Left

that last stall on the left down there, the one just on the end
held a special someone, a dear and trusted friend
from the great wild west she came, and a journey did begin
adventures spread before us and laughter rode the wind

that last stall on the left down there has a worn spot on the floor
a feisty little hoof did that,just inside the door
pretty as a picture, with such a glorious tail
it's so very hard to understand how it all could fail

that last stall on the left down there peeking just above the door
warm brown eyes and a velvet nose looked for pockets to explore
how much she liked to prance and dance, and worry her dear mother
all in all you must admit, there will never be another

that last stall on the left down there, an ear bonnet hangs just outside the door
a bridle with a dusty feather, her boots upon the floor

that last stall on the left down there held a life so special, it was hard to let her go
but close your eyes and think of her, and your heart will start to glow

that last stall on the left down there, the one that's now so still
it leaves an empty spot within my heart, I'm not sure how to fill

that last stall on the left down there, princess of my heart
i thank you for every moment, though now our trail must part

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  1. Lina

    Thanks for posting, really said something – as Helensophie said, friendships are not only with people..all are precious… Lina xxx

  2. roseinbloom

    I am not really an animal person and I have no pets, but the pets that did reside with me for short periods and and belonged to other family members, are still vivid in my memory. You have expressed what I am sure many pet lovers feel and there are no or few people who understand or care. 🙁

  3. oldbull

    Did you write this poem? Such sentimental poems are often so saccharine they actually take away from the poignancy of the feelings evoked. But quite happily your effort avoids this pitfall nicely with a restraint that nevertheless evokes strong emotions recollected in tranquility. Such writing is a challenge to carry off effectively. Your piece does so with great charm. Congratulations, a first rate piece. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    1. missellie Post author

      ty oldbull, the bond between a horse and it’s person is a very strong one. After she was gone, I sat down and began to write and it all just came out. She was a part of my life for 15yrs and had a very hard time letting her go. I am glad I shared this will all of you xxx

  4. johnwharden

    ellie l have ny horse in australia, well its one of my brothers but he keeps it for me lol, like you its going to be a sad day whan l say good bye to her, l,m dreading it, all the bestt ellie xxx