Lamb or Lion?

Today I let someone make me feel like a worthless piece of krap.

At first I felt anger because I wasn't being understood, and stormed out the room. Yes, I know this was the wrong thing to do, but I couldn't help it.

Then I felt so upset that I cried because I knew what I had done and their decision would cause me great hardship. I couldn't think straight and all I could see was doom.

Trying the usual deep breathing etc to calm down which helped a bit, but still knew the decision made, would would affect my future.

Should I have buckled down, shut up and follow like a lamb? Because standing up and asking for a decision to a problem has not done me any favours.

How are we to cope with bad stuff, especially when it comes from those who are supposed to be on our side?

What positive techniques and methods do you use to help you feel better about yourself.

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  1. lani36

    Polly pie just know you are unique ,no other Polly pie exists in this whole world, sometimes it is not selfish to put the (ME) first….
    You and your needs and answers you are searching for need to be met, some others cannot commit to an answer and that is there problem, even though it might hurt you at least you know where you stand with them … sometimes it’s favourable to be lamb like and other times not so , and if you really needed an answer then the lamb has a right to turn into a fully grown sheep . hugs ….xxxxxxxx

    1. PollyPie Post author

      Youre right. The positive is that I know where I stand, or should I say, fell. I think the expression ‘I bit off more than I could chew’ fits here. Thanks lani xx

  2. starlette

    PollyPie, sometimes its better to make an exit than to explode in rage and say things in the heat of the moment, what is said cannot be undone……to knuckle down and go against what you believe would have left you frustrated and ill at ease……..ok it may have been the easy way out, but would you have been satisfied with the out come, why should you be a Lamb and give in, are your opinions not as valid as the next…… do you cope and keep calm, haven’t a clue PollyPie………i can seeth for a day before i cool down…….but i never regret my decisions, they were mine and no one else’s……….now as they say……”keep calm and carry on”……….things pass and have a way of sorting themselves out……….xxxxx

    1. PollyPie Post author

      Im hoping they will sort themselves out Star. Yesterday I was upset at the way I was treated and said so. Today I have to deal with the consequences. Thank you Star xxx

  3. Postman73

    Polly, i once saw a ‘poster’ on Facebook of a picture of Jack Nicholson, all dishevelled, looking as though he’s been living off the streets for a month, but wearing the biggest grin possible, along with the quote; The Less You Give a F***, The Happier You’ll Be. Y’know, i’ve taken that right to heart, and frequently put it into practice, works a treat !. Anybody starts ‘getting to you’, or trying to wind you up, just laugh right back at them, great feeling, trust me, lol.

  4. jcb1

    polypie well said. dont let anyone put you down. you have as much right as anyone else to say what you think and feel. you are you sweetheart.

    1. PollyPie Post author

      Awww thank you jcb. I know I have the right to give my opinion, but this time I really should of thought of the consequences before voicing them !! xx

  5. tania

    Just be yourself PollyPie….no one else can be you. I think you should have your say and if it is not liked then that is tough.

    1. PollyPie Post author

      “… should have your say and if it is not liked then that is tough.” Thats what I needed to hear. This will me slogan for the day. Thanks tania. xxx

  6. Scotty75

    PollyPie……………..Trust me…………….they eat lambs…………lions, they don’t fool with. I’ll take the lion approach any day. Takes awhile to learn that, but it is worth it. Nothing is forever. Don’t let them get you down.

  7. nmod

    Polly you said : “Should I have buckled down, shut up and follow like a lamb?” ” Because standing up and asking for a decision to a problem has not done me any favours”
    How far could you have gone as a lamb ,before getting to the slaughter house ?
    If there was a problem that needed to be decided upon , it was not going to go away by itself , sooner or later it was going to come to a head !
    So ,better to deal with it sooner rather than later in my opinion !
    As Star said ,things get sorted out ,eventually !
    I’m a strong believer that we need to face the demon head on ! And to do that you definitely need to be a lion ! xx

    1. PollyPie Post author

      Great words nmod. I sometimes wish I was the sort of person who could stay under radar and avoid the slaughter house. But have you ever seen a lion try to hide among a herd of sheep????? 😯
      Thank you. xxx

  8. roseinbloom

    PolliePie, I just did a blog on anger. As I understand it, you were given some news that has really bad consequences for you. Do I have that right? I read a book called “Honor Your Anger”. Anger is a natural emotion when we feel violated and the anger needs to be in proportion to the violation.
    First you need to understand your anger. Then you need the energy from your anger to make a plan to resort the situation.
    The last thing you need to do is beat yourself up. I heard that you were wronged. I did not hear that you wronged someone else. If you did over react, you can apologize and sort things out as best you can.
    Never let someone else make you feel Like “CRAP’ Never give another person that power. Live by your own standard. Put your energy into sorting things out, not “feeling like crap”.

  9. PollyPie Post author

    Thank you Rose. Yesterday I gave them the power to tread on me, which left me very upset. My thoughts were so clouded I could only think about the consequences and concerned what was going to happen now in waiting for THEIR next action.
    Today I will spend some time meditating, and focus on a way to put that power in my hands, instead of waiting for the fallout.
    Thanks Rose xxx

  10. roseinbloom

    PolliPie. I don’t understand, but I think you need a trusted friend to talk thing out with, or just get moral support and distraction. You seem to keep blaming yourself. You gave them the power to tread on you. They tread on you. That would make anybody angry. Women don’t have to smile while they are being violated. or hurt, or diminished. Good luck Pollie. If you want to private message me, I will be available and glad to listen or be of what help I can.

  11. vonMichael

    Hello Polly,

    Lion or Lamb that’s your question. Fine. You find good advice in Stars’,
    nMod and Roses words Polly. If you would ask me I just say in a moment like this it is very important to get the top position back.
    But how can you do so??
    Easy, quite easy. Just tell the counterpart his arguments don’t concern your matter and your own arguments are highly sophisticated.
    But you will take the proposals into later considerations if possible.

    The advantage; you talk as a lamb but you leave the discussion as a lion! xxM