Just a bit of fun……

Right chatters, just for a bit of fun I have three questions to ask you, hope you will answer at least two of them, in the men's case anyway, will be really worried if the men answer the third one..lol......

1 If you could be on tour with a band for a week, which band would it be......or would it have been......

2. What theme tune would you choose to be played whenever you walked into a room........bit arrogant I know, but just for fun.....

3 For the ladies.......if you had named your children after your cravings in pregnancy, what would their names be.....

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40 thoughts on “Just a bit of fun……

    1. starlette Post author

      Oh well not to worry……..my son would have been called Orange, and my daughter Crisps……..hehe………..but today we have Apples, Peaches etc for given names……maybe they were named after cravings too…….

  1. sunsip

    Definately Status Quo for touring/sex drugs and rock and roll.
    “when you walk in the room” searchers.
    And i dont think my son would have appreciated being called “french bread pizza” haha.

  2. starlette Post author

    Haaaa French bread pIzza………but Pizza for a boys name I quite like……well Status Quo still on the scene, the sex drugs and rock and roll I think may have been abandoned though, their wrinklies now and have to tone things down a tad….good choice of song to make an entrance with………

  3. starlette Post author

    Never heard of the band or the song…….so I listened to them on You Tube and I am impressed, powerful voice, and I can actually hear the words he is singing……and the Bagpipes, enough said…..love to hear them…..

  4. PamfromTX

    1) Trio Los Panchos (I’m sure none of you have heard of this old Mexican band)… but there is a family connection and story to them. Too lengthy and tiring to explain.

    2) Born In The USA

    3) Lima Beans 😆 Thank goodness I didn’t have any children!

    p.s. Star, thanks for the fun; laughter is much needed.

    1. PamfromTX

      I crave lima beans all the time, by the way. I sprinkle Cajun spices on them and eat them all the time. I didn’t to be pregnant; I craved foods all the time.

    2. starlette Post author

      Hello Pam, no I haven’t heard of that band, but where there is a family connection you have to support them……Lima Beans, haven’t a clue what they are either….Lima would pass as a name I think……and Born in the USA……….well a oldie but a goldie……

  5. darkfarmowl

    I’d spend a hedonistic week touring with The Who (when Keith Moon was still alive) – a week would be about as much as I could take these days!
    I like to hike, and I have been accused of talking too much so ‘Ramble On’ by Led Zeppelin seems a fitting choice 🙂

  6. macathy

    The Animals. Song The House of the Rising Sun . Brings back memories of being young and free. I would have to call my daughter tomato as I ate ham and tomato sandwiches ,as they had no smell.

    1. starlette Post author

      Ah The Animals, always found that song a bit dark and menacing…… was a hit, but have to say not one I bought……and it always amazes me that we remember all the words to the songs that were around in our youth, must have played them on the juke boxes so much…….Tomato hehe…….well I know I couldn’t cook meat of any description whilst pregnant, so was vegetarian for 9 months….

  7. cappuccino

    !,,Coldstream Guards of course…Then I could ponce around on a horse in front of them.
    2,,God save the Queen…Well..Its worked so far,has,nt it ?
    3,,(Ahem)..Treacle Tart…But Phillip thought that was bluddy rediculous.
    (signed) Her Maj.

  8. foreveryoung2

    I would have liked to hang around with Elvis and his band – he was my favourite at the time. My favourite song of his is “It’s Now or Never”. My sons would have been called Cherry and Ginger Chocolate, which I don’t think they would have approved. I couldn’t get enough of these 🙂

    1. starlette Post author

      Well Elvis’s songs have stood the test of time………you could have helped by mopping his brow…..lol……..Cherry fitting for a girl……….was any of your sons a ginger top by any chance…..in days gone by food eaten during pregnancy was equated to physical looks………. it was said birth marks resembling Strawberries was due to the fact that the expectant mother ate lots of Strawberries during pregnancy………old wives tales I know……

      1. foreveryoung2

        No ginger tops 🙂 I would have loved to have had a girl, but no such luck. I would also have loved to have mopped Elvis’s brow 🙂 🙂 🙂 Funnily enough my sons don’t like ginger chocolate and rarely eat cherries !! 🙂

  9. starlette Post author

    Hello Michael, so your an Elvis fan” Treat me nice “….well what more could you ask for….cravings for Gherkins…….well I think Gherkin could be a strong Russian name…….wouldn’t be out of place…xxx

    1. vonMichael

      Do I understand that correctly Star, you haven’t tasted the wonderful Russian Gherkins?

      I must give you the recipe for them.

      By the way they taste sweet with a little sour background at the end. Sweet and sour could have been the right names for kid. One of them will be sweet when the other turns sour.
      A perfect solution as I believe. xxxM

  10. redjohn

    Not sure if this is still open for comments, new to the blogs and saw this one.

    1. Group would have had to have been The Clash
    2. Music to walk into room to Mr Big Stuff – Jean Knight ( Great strutting music)

    Both our two kids would have been called Pickled Onions – my wifes craving.

    Cheers. John

  11. starlette Post author

    Hi John, The Clash cool, might as well strut into a room as saunter in…….same cravings for both kids……would have had to call one Sweet Silverskin……the other plain old Onion………

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