July 4th

I shall try to be brief here, as not many words are allowed, but all of those words will be in praise of the U.S.A, this, and everyday. As a Canadian, i feel a certain kinship with the U.S, as we are each other's largest trading partners, share the longest undefended border in the world, and most importantly, are as family, in that we can argue without losing sight of a basic love for each other. So a few questions that i ask of anti-Americans:

people vote with their feet, if the U.S. is so terrible a place, why is it the goal of almost all choosing to leave their Country of origin
Why does America give more foreign aid then the rest of the world combined, yet is is still hated by a few who are only regarded as being intelligent only by themselves
The American Imperialists--please tell me, where is their empire, there seems to be more countries seeking Statehood, Guam, for an easy example, then avoiding it
I do read history as a hobby, and do prefer a Pax Americana to a Pax Romana
Being Canadian, i know many Canadians--i have yet to find one without a relative, or close friend in the States
In what other country could a newspaper bring down a President--the Freedom of Press makes the States great
Despite what is often said in envy, Americans are a most polite and engaging people-wish i could write better, and do the USA full credit
I will not say the America has no blemish, just as no person has no blemish--just the U.S. has the fewest, well, a 3 way tie, Canada, the U,S,A,, and Australia, in that regard, and i should mention the U.K., as well, as Elizebeth 2 is my head of state, and Elizebeth Jane, my wife, the head of my household--------Happy Birthday, United States of America-----rick

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  1. "J"

    Thank you Rick.
    I am very proud to be an American. My son returned from Afghanistan in April and for that alone I am thankful today. Many of my fellow American parents cannot share that joy due to their children not making it back. My son learned first hand how great America is. On his trip to and from battle his group made stops in Russia and Germany. In his two week long stay at each place he saw first hand what America has in its freedom. The media would have the world believe America engages in wars for greed and of course oil. Far from the truth. 911 is the perfect example of America’s war. Many nations hate us yet some even die trying to get here. Nations hate us but have no problem asking us for aid. Nations hate us yet we have more immigrants living among us than any nation. I have many friends that travel abroad and they all say, There’s no place on earth like America. Are there places more beautiful than America? Yes But none more free. God bless America….God speed to our troops.

  2. ustom

    Thank you Sir and all that are our allies. I am an American and live in the south
    where we sing and have a grand time and when someone writes something nice about our country
    I think of all those Americans that did not return and are buried in foriegn soil so that other
    people and counrties can be free so THANK YOU ALL again for those wonderful comments!

  3. vic

    I am in awe of north america..some of the most fantastic scenery in the world,and the friendliest of people..I wish I had emigrated there in my early 20s when I had the chance..Too late now Im afraid.
    Yes,It has its dark side,just as Australia and the UK has,but doesnt every country?
    A couple of years ago.I stood in a church in Boston and sang along with all the other people,The national anthem..Even though Im a Brit,living in Oz,I felt immensly proud..For a few minutes,I was an American.
    It was a moving experience.

  4. macathy

    Well I have always lived in this little old country Australia ,but have always had a love for America.I think that it takes the roll of big brother, protector ,to heart .I for one am glad to know that it is there ,keeping an eye on things ,knowing that all those wonderful men are willing to go out and protect the ones needing it,thank God for them all.Macathy

  5. pathill

    The first 7 “BLOGS” had to flag as inappropriate. Was hoping that the new cite would weed out all the offensive jokes. Some might think they are funny but as a person ages we realize that all jokes either are against gay. or blonde’s women in General’ and different nationalities. All of them should not be tolerated who insist on trashing a wonderful cite for seniors. This is not for kids so why should some members act like kids. Philly

  6. georgia

    Better late than never, Rick. I need to read more blogs, apparently. You write beautifully, as do all who write from the heart. Thank you so much for your words, for not being afraid to speak out in support of what is good about this country and the sacrifices made each day by our military. God Bless the USA, and God Bless You!!

  7. artist2047

    Dear Rick,
    This blog was a beautiful tribute to the United States and I thank You. When people put down our country and it’s people they should look closely because chances are they are putting down someone from their own country or in their own family bloodline.
    We are a melting pot for the world and have always welcomed people given help and a new start in life.
    I come from a multi cultural family.My Paternal Grandfather came from Greece, Grandmother from Canada. On the otherside from Ireland.
    My Grandparent had pride and worked hard to contribute to building this country and becoming citiizens.
    Grandchildren were brought up to have respect and learn about customs for all other cultures, to have Faith, and believe in God.
    Our military fight with pride for our freedoms and for other countries in trouble.
    Thank you again for the respect you have shown writing this beautiful blog.
    In God we trust……………………………