Is it just me?

I can find little to watch on the brussels’ broadcasting communists various television channels after Mr Osmond’s various quiz shows, so often have to resort to the repetitive repeat channels, which is also far from ideal. yes, there is catch-up, prime, apple tv etc ad nauseum, but being a Brit approaching 75, looking to having to pay the BBC tax for the rest of my live, I would hope to get some value for the money,.

That said, watching some of the repeats of programming I have liked but not necessarily been glued to (i.e. missed many) I have noticed that they cater for the perceived attention span of the elderly and incontinent, in as much as the chunks of programme last less than 10 minutes, interspersed by by 4.75 minutes of advertising of products I neither want nor need.

Again, I ask, Is it just me?

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  1. You’re not alone dickorrich, I am sick of the drivel the bbc keep trotting out . I would guess that only about 15% of output is any good. And I personally can’t stand the interminable “celebrity shows”. It must be the cheapest way for the tv channels to make programs , by asking Z list 15 seconds of spotlight fame hunters to be on a show.

  2. I think the format is designed for the incontinent – giving a lot of restroom breaks. Just saying, but it is just me saying, and generally it all stinks either way you look at it…or perhaps I’m still stuck on the incontinent part…tissue?

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