Intuition, does it exist, do you believe in it, have you ever listened to the inner voice that is known as intuition, did it save you from a bad experience, did you ignore and paid the consequences, be it meeting new people, possible romance, travelling, work...

I have ignored it once re a new relationship many years ago.  I should have listened.  Oh Dear !!

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  1. roseinbloom

    Good blog topic, Starlette. It would be a long explanation, but intuition is very mysterious and complicated and most people use the word and have different experience with it. I have had different kinds of experience with what could be labeled intuition. Both seemed more prophetic than something I could choose. One, I knew I could choose but I also knew I could only make one choice. I need to get a book on the subject and try to enable more intuition.

  2. starlette Post author

    Hi Rose…….Intuition is something that is felt from within…….dont think it can be learnt or explained in a book…….we can choose to acknowledge it or ignore it……sometimes theres not a choice…..people have listened to it and refused to board planes which went on to crash……thats a bit extreme I know, but mine has always been correct, I ignored at my peril…lol…

    1. Maree

      I agree you cannot learn it . you other have it or you dont have it …..many Liam sure never have it…. I wont relay my experiences …lol might get labeled as nutcase. Find its something thatches and goes in life defending on what can be happening often when life very calm all of sudden something will grab you with out ironing …other times in th midst of much chaos many irksome feelings come and down leave you until the event happens. I trust my gut feelings …they have never failed me yet.Nor have my judgements of others…i may have misread slightly the motive….but not the feeling or the intuition.

  3. roseinbloom

    Starlette, A lot of living is trial and error. If you avoid one thing you could have chosen something worse or you could have gotten something better. If you are talking about a man, few are close to perfect. They can dazzle with charm and then turn into something different. Many have wandering eyes and other amusing habits like pubs, horses, cards etc. I realized that I chose the men who were interested in me, I didn’t really chose. Women of today can choose.

  4. Rockflower

    I believe in intuition big time. I believe it is closely aligned with creativity. It is not under our direct control, we cannot call it up at will. So far it is one thing that our brains or minds have , that computers don’t have. What I think happens is…….the brain sub-consciously shuffles through learned facts, impressions and observations, then these solutions and possibilities float up to a conscious level. The trick is to listen to these floating messages your brain is sending you. creativity works in the same way, you can have a creative impasse for days, you think about it, go about your daily activities, eat, sleep nothing comes. then one day you are brushing your teeth, or opening a can of beans and wham, slam! there it is. All this time your brain has been chugging away looking for the answer. One thing I do know…….you cannot force it, it all works in a different time scale . The mind has to be “relaxed” that is not the right word, I don’t know what the right word is. You have to have your mind open. When I lived in Africa and was in the bush, scanning wide vistas looking for animals that were well camouflaged, I was told I was very good at spotting them. I just used to kind of let my vision float over the scene, all very loose, suddenly something would “pop’ out as different , then zoom and there it was. Some of the hardest art to produce is pure abstract painting. The successful artists doing this are often on drink or drugs. This is because they are trying to reach a state where the mind is open enough to let pure creativity, the fruit of their subconscious come to the surface, so they can put in on paper or canvas. The sad fact is that so often the more they try to force it, the more tight they become so they are stopping the process. They take more drink or drugs and disaster can be close. It is the same for writers and writer’s block I should imagine Always listen to your self…….if an “out of place’ thought or little shiver of fear comes……acknowledge it, bring it up where you can examine it. There is a certain amount of practise needed , it is easy to let that tiny fleeting thought ‘comment’ to be pushed aside. How many victims had that tiny pulse ….saying danger and ignored it. It is probably all coming from the oldest part of the brain , that part of the brain that we had when we were more lizard than anything. You know that part of your brain that tells you…….someone, something is watching you. You are busy in a crowd or apparently alone , you lift your head….you have felt the beam of energy that is the concentrated gaze of something?????? Oh yes I truly believe in intuition. It is magic, cherish it.

  5. starlette Post author

    Hi Rock…….its a gut feeling……..when it kicks in for me is when I have met someone, man or women, maybe only a sentence they have said….a few words and something puts me on my guard……something tells me there is a more sinister side to them, I have never been wrong…..

  6. starlette Post author

    You listened Way cos the feeling is strong and your intuition was correct, kept you safe………..… glad you are still here cos you answer my blogs….lol

  7. Slimjim

    Star i may be barking up the wrong tree but i have often been to a place for the first time but something tells me that i have been there before yet i know that i have not. What is the exclamation for this feeling? A previous life perhaps?

  8. starlette Post author

    Hi Jim….that is Deja Vu, a feeling or knowing that you have visited a place before….or indeed lived a scene before…..I have also experienced that on more than one occasion, I dont have the answer, but its said its a remembrance of the life we lived before our present one….what will we come back as in the next one….who knows…….and will we feel we were once part of a group mixing and mingling and communicating through chat and writing…….lol….

  9. starlette Post author

    Hello Maree……..I dont think all people possess a strong intuition,……….some people are more in tune with their feelings, more susceptible to picking up on presence’s, sounds, visions and smells……..even as I type this I have one of my smells come to me, its the sweet flowery one that I like to think is my sister saying hello, apparently the smells are spirits visiting…….ok Maree, the chaps are on the way to cart me off to the loony bin lol….seriously though I know what I know……and I have no doubt others on here have had experiences too…….but until some have they are never going to believe and accept….and why indeed should they…….

    1. Maree

      Yup …..before departing for the UK from NZ in 2006 I think … my friends had farewell dinner from at turkish restaurant .. I said my dear friend Thelma will pass while I am away . ..not huge surprise aged 96 and she did. I said My then to be husband dog Dax will pass and he did while we watched him choke on a ball… horrific… and there will be bombing while I am in the uk and there was the London underground ….my friends all looked at me oddly …but it all came to pass and i am not one to make such prediction of doom and gloom .. there you go now you can all says yep she’s mad ( partially true) but i had 8 witnesses…only one has since died ..nope nope i didn’t kill her….just had strong feelings … its not happened since …but one of maybe 4 times in my life such strong feeling came over me.

  10. waylander

    Deja Vu is normally credited to the brain accepting a view from one eye in advance of the other so that when the second image is received there is already a memory in the brain. confusing, but just normal rather than anything esoteric.

  11. starlette Post author

    Very confusing……….well all I know is years ago I visited a pub in a town I had never been to before, and I knew every inch of that pub, the décor, where every room was situated……It was all so familiar………must get my lazy eye sorted…… its.taking bloody years to catch up….Hee Hee……

  12. rose1943

    Very interesting blog, Star. I like to call it instinct, the Holy Spirit or the subconscious mind…..from wherever that operates. I don’t know how I could have raised three children without it nor found the husband I’ve been with for 53 years. I feel that once I knew how important it was for me, I found a true faith in it. I know I have to quietly listen and not act quickly making the right decisions. We’re all different and we have it or we don’t but many people don’t need it. I always did.
    I’ve always had a ‘sort of’ deja vu about having lived in England. Not sure why. Maybe it came from reading so much Dickens and Bronte books early in life. When I finally got there at age 50 for two wonderful weeks, I felt that I was HOME and hardly wanted to leave except for missing my other members of my family. It’s a long flight and I don’t expect to revisit it, but I have made two huge scrapbooks I go to to get the feeling I’m back there again. Boy, am I crazy or what?
    Back to instinct, intuition and faith. We Catholics were always told to pray to St. Anthony whenever we lost something and he would help us find it. Just to say a prayer to him and forget about it, just to know that he knows where it is and have faith he will find it. I’ve done this for years. Now it only takes sometimes less than a minute and the lost object appears. Most of my family members I’ve told are having the same experience. Sometimes you can hardly believe it’s actually happening that way. THAT, I call pure faith.
    Well, enough blabbering from me. I wonder how many others have experienced these things.

  13. starlette Post author

    Hello Rose…….I enjoyed reading your blabbering as you put it…….maybe in a past life you did live in England………or maybe England fits your personality……….if you read and digested the writings of Dickens and The Bronte Sisters then it would be the old England that you fell in love with…….those times were a lot simpler and calm…….but women were seen and not heard…lol….would not be very fitting today……..tell me Rose where did you stay in England…..

  14. rose1943

    We stayed one week in Kensington, London and traveled by the Tube and our legs. then my daughter rented a car and we drove straight up to York and Haworth and hung out a bit……walked the Moors a little, saw the birthplace of the Brontes. Went to Bath, Bristol (didn’t like Bristol) went down to West Sussex to see the Seven Sisters and Beachy Head, then to Eastbourne and spent a night at the Queens Hotel, then off to Alfriston then to Windsor, to see the castle and slept the night in town. Took rented car back then Heathrow for a long winter’s nap. We were there in early November when nothing was crowded. Not even a big line to see the Crown Jewels. It was a great trip for sure. I have two scrapbooks full of writings and photos. Yes, indeed, I loved it there. Thank you for asking and for more of my blabbering.

  15. starlette Post author

    Hi Rose…you got around a bit then……and saw some extremes of the Country…..London is ok but wouldn’t want to be living there….to much hustle and bustle for me……but plenty to see which you would have heard about, I remember when I first saw Buckingham Palace, was very disappointed, all I remember was the dirty looking net curtains…lol…….I love York…..full of history of a different kind….I only live a couple of hours drive from there……..good you got to see the Moors, my Dad was a Yorkshire man and when ever I go that way I feel at home………you never know…one day you may get to visit again………

  16. vonMichael

    Hello Star,

    I have returned from a little trip to Bavaria and travelling by car I came into situations when I needed intuition.

    So I would call ** Intuition ** the natural seventh sence. It works like an alert signal telling somebody to rethink the
    next step or ( decision ).

    Sometimes one sees another person that reminds to a person one has had contact to from years back. xxxM

  17. starlette Post author

    Hello Michael………yes I have heard it called the six sense too…..well without a doubt whatever its called it does exist……..the mind is a very complex and fascinating thing…….In the home I used to work for people with learning difficulties there was a resident who could tell you the actual day you were born on by just knowing your date of birth,…….took her seconds….. took me ages to check if she was correct……..she was never ever wrong…….so that part of her brain was highly tuned despite other parts not quite as they should have been ……..or I suppose it could be said that section of our brain is not functioning as it should….xxx

  18. starlette Post author

    Maree could be classed as premonitions……. I recall one back in the 60s……a old schoolfriend of mine was pregnant…..I met her cousin one day in the street and asked if Tina had had her baby….I absolutely knew what she was going to tell me…….and that was the baby girl had been born with her brain on the outside of her head and had died…..was no surprise when she told me…….I already knew……I hadn’t dreamt it….no one had told me previously……….others I could relate but I wont bore anyone……lol…..

  19. starlette Post author

    Hi Rose…I was once told by a clairvoyant that as well as experiencing feelings and smells that one day I would see something………. I sincerely do not want this to happen…..that would really freak me out…the other stuff does not scare me…..

  20. rose1943

    I get the smells and tge feelings usually from somewhere in tge past but that’s all. My mother had signs in her dreams that someone was going to die. In tge dream she would be washing clothes. She was about 90 percent right on. It allowed her to call her family members to do a visit. Are we talking scary or what?

  21. starlette Post author

    Hi Rose…….my dad had a brother, and people would come to see him from many miles away to be told stuff….he didn’t charge, my grandson has seen people that were not there, not to my sight anyway, he is the last one who would be prone to fanciful thoughts, he described his grandad who he never got to meet, he would only be about 7 at the time, he has experienced other things too……apparently the gift can be developed……but like I said before I think some people are more receptive of unexplained happenings…..