Introducing me, Myself and I.

Hello. I'm new to Senior Chatters and as I've said elsewhere, I am just trying to figure out how to get around in here.

So, a bit about me; I'm married. I have three adult children - 2 girls and a son, as well as a 14 year old son. My daughters still live 'oop North', whilst my two sons are down here in the fabulous South West. I have a toddler grandson and a baby grandaughter. I have two demented dogs, four cats, two guinea pigs and would add more animals to my menagerie, if I thought I could get away with it without hubby moaning lol.

I live in 'the back of beyond', so am rather isolated. I don't drive and there's only one bus a day from the village into the nearest town or shops, over ten miles away (none on a Wednesday or on a Sunday). My bestie still lives oop North, over 300 miles away, but we get together as often as possible and chat regularly - but it's not like having her here. I am currently doing an online Masters degree in Creative Writing, so I am always on the blooming laptop at the moment. Although I do try to get out and about as much as I can.

I'm not a stereotypical over 50, as I'm still in my 20's (in my head). The reason I say that is, that I previously joined a local over 50's swimming group, but they were all actually over about 80, and the ones who probably weren't, seemed to think that they were. Not that age matters, but they were a little put off by a granny who turns up with wild long blonde (turning white) hair, and wearing biker boots, leather jackets and Joe Browns outfits - when their 'uniform' seemed to consist of short grey hair, fleece jacket (pics of wolves all over them) and track suit bottoms. I think the problem is that I scare people. They're not sure where I fit in around here. The young one's see me as a mother figure due to my age, whilst the ones of my age can't seem to get the way I dress, look and act - as though being over 50 means that I should be 'over-the-hill'.

So that's me. I am looking forward to making some new friends, so I hope this works

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  1. roseinbloom

    Hello October 63. Welcome to senior chat. You would think that after 50 we would know just how to dress and where we fit, but most of us don’t. How a person dresses is a personal decision and hopefully the people in our inner circle will be comfortable with us. I try to be appropriate for the people and the occasion.
    You will be in the youngest group here, but you that is okay. There is a lot of collective wisdom here, so I hope you will feel comfortable and be happy here.

  2. Maree

    Greetings October ….what a fabulous mix you are !! Unique ..We meet few hours ago.
    You need to learn to drive…your world would open up immensely. I myself was late starter at 25 to get licence.

    I simply cannot imagine not driving …love my independence.

    Creative writing what world of excitement that must be…several other writers in this chat room as well.

    Enjoyed my chat with you look forward to seeing you more.

  3. Drummer

    Well good morning Miss October – nice to welcome you to
    chatters. Originally I was a Pom – living in Colchester but have been here in New Zealand 47 Years so I guess by this time am must be regarded as a Kiwi.

    I shall look forward to your writings as you get to know us better.
    Best wishes Drummer

  4. CSweet51

    Welcome October63!!
    How one dresses is one’s own choice. What ever makes you comfortable is what I say.
    Rose said there is a lot of collective wisdom in her. I must agree! You can add yours to the menagerie of it all! I think a lot of us feel we are in our 20’s. (or younger)
    I love the fact you are taking a course in creative writing! keeps the mind young and thinking. I too like to take a course once in awhile just to know that my brain is still working!
    I am 65 and a grandmother of 6, not too bad considering I only had one child myself!
    Have fun in here! there are a lot of great people from all over the world on here. We have some very interesting discussions in here and also mindless chatter also. All of which is fun.

  5. goldengirl1224

    Welcome to SC, October — I enjoyed your ‘intro’ and would say – stay as young as you feel and dress the way you enjoy – we do not all fit, or want to fit, into the stereotype of ‘over 50’ – its nice to have your own style and as long as you are comfortable with it – who cares??
    I would reiterate Maree’s comment re. driving – I have been driving since I was in my early twenties – so over 40 years – and really cannot imagine not being able to do so — it definitely gives you such freedom to come and go – especially living in an isolated area that you describe. However, I know its a big step to take and not inexpensive process either – but why not put it on your list of things to accomplish – and put it at the top. Find a good driving instructor – best option to having any friend or family member teach you – that’s ok for practice! – and get on the road to freedom.
    Wishing you the best of luck and hopefully many new friends here on SC