In praise of the NHS

It would seem to me that these days the world and his wife have a horror story to tell about the NHS ( that's the National Health Service for those members benifit who don't live here in the UK. ) I would like to present the other side of the coin and  , from my own personal experience  , stand up for this much maligned institution. 😊 As the years have passed and I have become older parts of me have begun to disintegrate. This obviously has not been a happy state of affairs and I've needed surgical intervention four times over the last decade or so to prevent total collapse ! I wouldn't wish to put you off your morning cornflakes or any other repast for that matter dear reader , so I'll spare you the gory details. Suffice to say , from the nurses who took my first evaluation and blood pressure to the surgeon's who eventually had me under their knives no one could have been kinder or more professionally competent. Even the hospital food was excellent with a choice of menu for each meal and as this food has been unfavourable compared with British Rail sandwiches in the past this was a triumph ! My last visit to hospital was to rid me of a particularly troublesome cataract which had vertually rendered me blind in my right eye. The fact it had been allowed to get this advanced was entirely my own fault as I was a woeful coward at the thought of anything sharp approaching my peeper ! 😨 I should have known better than to worry as the brilliant consultant , who actually undertook my operation as the cateract was so dense , put me at ease straight away and talked me through every step of the procedure as he carried it out. I even had a lovely young male nurse holding my hand the entire time. So , hurrah and hats off to our good old NHS. I may well be under your care again soon as I have an increasingly wonky knee and I'm very sure that  , as always  , I'll be in safe hands. 😄

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  1. waylander

    Despite all the horror stories in the news on a regular basis, I have to agree with you regarding the care provided and the magnificent service provided by the staff, especially the nurses for (says he getting political) pathetically poor wages.

  2. Scorpio Post author

    I totally agree waylander regarding the low wage for nurses , when you consider what your premier legue footballer ‘earns’ every week – – – – – ! !

  3. drummer

    I guess I can speak about 2 worlds – I too was well served in Britain by the NHS and am pleased to report that having experienced just on 50 years here in New Zealand that I must declare a Draw- for the service here also is totally beyond reproach!

  4. grandmaj

    I have heard lots complain about our public health here, but many of my family have used it and had great results. Just this past two weeks a family member diagnosed with cancer went though the public system has had an operation, and has had great care. All free. I myself have private health but some family dont, and have no complaints at all. But I am sure there is some awful stories from some people with their experiences, I can only speak from my families experiences.

  5. catlady

    Scorpio, I am in total agreement with you. Our NHS is a wonder. The concept of care on the basis of need rather than on the ability to pay is something we should all be proud of in the UK. I have never had anything but wonderful care and attention whenever I have had the need to use the service and they were incredibly caring and professional when my late mother was in their care. Long live the NHS.

  6. dunmurrygirl11

    I have nothing but praise for the NHS. Many reasons to be very thankful for being on the receiving end of the many benefits of truly gifted doctors and nurses. Long may it continue.

    Dunmurry girl 11