In a perfect world….???

I dunno what makes me think of this sort of stuff…..but….let’s face it…..I wonder what we would do… a perfect world.

There would be no sin….therefore no selfishness….no wars….no greed… crime…….no sickness.

No Army….Navy Air Force…..FBI….CIA….SAS…..and all the rest of them…..

No hospitals….doctors….nurses…and all the rest of the jobs required for the medical profession.

No Laws…..well we wouldn’t need them…..

No Police Force….

No Law Courts…..Judges…..Barristers….Prisons….I wonder what all these people would do….

No poverty……no charities needed…

The list could go on and on……I expect I have only touched the tip of it…

How strange it would be…..

No hurricanes….storms…..typhoons….tornadoes……floods….No rescue services need there…

All news would be good news…..but what about?

We would all just be….well what would we be….I have no idea at all….

What do you think?

Lotslove Morvy xxxxxxx

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  1. AHHH, a perfect world, well! that takes some thinking about, no mainstream reiligeon , no 1. a full brotherhood of man, well the hippy movement went well for awhile, so somewhat successful, living each day as it comes, another one no.2. organic food , no pesticides or harmful food toxicity, no.3. no wars, thats no.4. well loving all would be the way to go , so no.5. everyone helping each other to build homes, cities without trying to be bigger and better. avarice and greed to be elimi nated ,5 and 6. sharing and bartering for essential goods and services no.7 being sustainable each and every person, no.8 helping and asisting with advice to neighbours and friends to become sustainable no.9 the biggestand the best, give true and honest faithfull UTOPIA. XXXXX.

  2. If God has wanted a perfect world, he could have created one. As a consequence of that thought it means by my opinion what life could be like in a perfect world.
    No I for myself prefer not to be perfect.

  3. Hmmmmm….a perfect world…I dont know about that. I believe we need challenges, goals, aspirations…we need to continue to learn and grow through our lives. I see my “perfect” world a little differently…I would title it “a better world.” There would be no need of a military, police, governmental agencies. There would be no poverty. There would be no illness. No life altering/ending weather events. There would be laws – perhaps laws of the land. Doctrite of how this world functions. Couldnt exist without them. When is time to die? How is that accomplished – by age, what age? If you were born never knowing anything different, this wouldnt bother you, and perhaps it would be so peaceful. How many times have you thought about…we dont let our pets suffer? I see it as a celebration to a life well lived… Who would be what – a farmer, a teacher, a power company worker, a seamstress, a cook, a singer, a daycare worker, a musician, a carpenter, construction worker, an artist, a story teller (I vote @Waylander for this one), auto mechanic, etc? I believe there are people in the world who would love to be each of these. I would had loved a life of writing, writing, writing. When the need to provide for yourself and family is removed…wouldnt it be awesome to be exactly what you wanted; and even more awesome that if you found out it wasnt what you thought, you could explore to find out what it is you really want to be. Can you imagine people striving to be their very best? That best may be to bake the finest bread. Fine tune a vehicle engine. Creating smiling faces on children at daycare. Warming the hearts of the elderly with the touch of your hand. Restoring someone’s electricity. (Yes, I know, the electricity shouldnt break. LOL) Can we imagine our hearts delight of living this way – naturally being born and raised to love one another and hoping the very best for all. There would be no money in this world. That would be paramount. It is dream world, of that there is no doubt, but just think…

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