I wonder

I wonder if all are as nervous as i am at joining a new site. I find myself looking for friends my own age, to laugh with share likes ,or dislikes , just talk ....perhaps that is being needy I am not sure, it is, however, the thruth.  It is also freeing to say what you wish is much easier when you're not face to face with people or so it seems.  Anyway, I hope to find new friends. soon

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  1. Rockflower

    I don’t think you are alone in your fears and let’s face it…they are not unfounded, There are preditors out there looking for victims. I don’t have experience of other sites but this one seems to do a good job weeding out those with dubious objectives. Also if you are ever made to feel uncomfortable by someone, report it and management will check it out.
    I think that there are some advantages to what we used to call ‘pen friends’, remember those? I think you can be more open with someone who is unlikely to know your circle of friends and family.This is because no unguarded remark of your own can reach those in your circle and possibly upset them. It gives a freedom and encourages frank discussions. This in it’s self is good therapy, to perhaps voice concerns that niggle at you and have other minds look at them is good. Often we don’t want to worry those close. It is also interesting and fun, So enjoy shyblu

  2. joesemi23

    I too am new to this site. I am not at all nervous, just excited about the possibility of meeting new people, and engaging in thoughtful conversation. I hope I have come to the right place.

  3. 5mintbreak

    I understand exactly how you feel. Some people are more outward going than others and readily make friends, others not so. My two daughters are classic example. one was content to be home the other needed and looked for company.
    As with any new adventure, undertaking, I myself was always, where will I sit, stand, hope someone will talk to me as I am not one to readily start a conversation especially in a crowded room, if only a few much easier. We are all different, join in whatever groups that appeal to you, try the chat rooms, the fact that you are not face to face is easier and good luck enjoy

  4. CSweet51

    Welcome to Senior Chatters. I joined this site 4+ years ago. It has changed dramatically but the quality of our administrative staff hasn’t changed. They are wonderful people who care much for everyone on here. I feel it is a safe place to talk. Give it time, there are a lot of great people on here. Look forward to meeting all of you ‘newbies’ in the main chat room. Candy

  5. rose1943

    I truly enjoy reading the blogs. I was so glad to see many new ones. Writing is not my gift. When reading this blog about ‘being nervous’ I felt the freedom to post a comment. Im not a very outgoing person, nor very good at making friends. I had many friends in life, not acquaintances, but very close, faithful friends. Now, at age, 75, they have all disappeared. I am still grieving the last two who have passed away. They were a huge part of my life. It may sound silly but I have kept a voicemail on my phone from each of them. It is comforting just to hear their voices. A few others have moved far away to retirement villages in warmer climates, traveling and made all new friends. They visit about once a year only. I live in the same neighborhood in Chicago where I was born and raised. I could never leave, my parents and grandparents all lived here and I need to walk where they walked and see the homes where they lived, that is, if they are not torn down yet. On Facebook there are groups that I joined who have enjoyed this area and talk about how wonderful it was before all has changed. There are no senior citizens left here anymore. Developers are tearing down and building million dollar monstrosities. I’m in the middle of two of them like an old bologna sandwich with hardly any sun left in my backyard for flowers to bloom nor vegetables to grow. They leave in the mornings out to their garages and return the same way, not to be seen. There’s a little ‘hello’ once in a while. Their nannies and housekeepers stop and chat and I’m grateful for that. I still feel I must remain here, there’s nowhere else to go. I don’t drive, I tried that earlier in my life, it didn’t work. I joined chatters twice. I’m not good in the chat rooms. I feel like a fool with no great comments to make. I am a lonely person but am still self-motivated enough to keep going. I am probably considered one of those people that pull energy down but I am who I am and just very honest. I’m thankful for this blog and the honesty and purity for the writer that allowed me to feel comfortable enough to express myself. Keep the blogs coming. Thank you for this one.

  6. rose1943

    I wish I could delete that last long comment I posted on here. It seems it was a huge downer for everyone to read. I guess I was in ‘one of those moods’ when I wrote it and it seemed to shut down this blog. I would delete it if I could but don’t know how. We probably all feel some loneliness at times. Forgive me for getting so depressing on here. I was appealing to others that may want or need to open up those kind of feelings, that’s all I can say except please continue writing on this blog. Sorry.

  7. dollybloo62

    i haven’t been on here for a couple of years ,i so i am just stopping by but i have to say Rose 1943 yours was a nice post and not a downer at all so please don’t beat yourself up about it. i am sorry that you are lonely but hopefully you will find nice friends on here to find things in common .. best regards Dolly