I Love To Cook

Cooking is one of my greatest passions... I love to cook because it lets me be creative much like my gardening and art...the presentation of the food is much like an artists canvas... creatively balancing the colors and textures of the various foods..I find cooking to be magical and mesmerizing..creating incredible mouth watering flavors tantalizing aromas sizzling sounds....it's very relaxing... therapeutic ...stimulating ...soothing to the mind body and soul... for me my kitchen is "my sanctuary"I started cooking for my dad when I was 9 years old... growing up cooking was very regimented.... with a list on the inside of a cupboard door with a menu listing the same thing for every Monday...Tuesday... ect... to be repeated over and over week in and week out...perhaps that's why I have such a desire to always try something new something different... including many of the Austrian foods I had as a young child before coming to the states from Vienna when I was 7...and other ethnic foods that I became familiar with while living in France ...Germany... and Italy I have a cookbook collection well over 200.. that I read like other people read novels.... I also cook a lot not really using recipes exactly as they are ... adding my own ideas as I go along... a pinch of this a pinch of that... with plenty of tasting until it pleases my taste buds just right...I love all my pots.. skillets..collection of " pans"... loaf...bundt..springform cookie sheets...jelly roll...and the list goes on and on...I have several sets of dishes in different colors ..using them to best compliment the foods being served on them...  I love walking into my kitchen... turning on some music ( usually French ...Italian....soft jazz ... easy listening piano) pouring a glass of wine.. . speaking of wine... never cook with a wine you wouldn't enjoy drinking....as I go about gathering things from my fridge and pantry and putting together a meal... with all the chopping....zesting.. sauteing ..simmering..folding.. whipping..roasting ...baking ...ect ect...some time ago my very good friend Linda told me I love to cook to "boost my ego" at first i wasn't sure i liked what she had said..but after thinking about it... I won't lie about it.. I think part of my love of cooking is ego driven.... I do love seeing family and friends enjoying what I've set on the table and hearing them tell me how good everything is... often wanting the recipe.... and leftovers....I may never do anything earth shattering.. or see my name on a neon lit marquis..but through sharing my love of cooking i have also shared my love ...

To NOT cook is unthinkable to me!!!

did I happen to mention I also love to cook ...:)

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  1. starlette

    Hi Misschey………well you obviously have the biggest passion for cooking, it can be likened to an artist matching your crockery with the colours of your food to enhance the presentation, your creating something beautiful to look at and yummy to eat……….it brings family and friends together, and praise and appreciation for you……… a winning recipe any day……..

  2. misschey Post author

    Hi Starlette,,,
    Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and commenting on it so positively … take care:)
    Chey… a.k.a Helga

  3. roseinbloom

    misschey, I was into cooking as you are, but I don’t think I was as passionate about it as you are. I cooked as though it was not a job and time or effort did not matter, so buying a pan or bowl for one recipe did not matter. I still have a copper bowl because it was easier to beat egg whites for a souffle. I have a lot of kitchenware and several sets of dishes, also.I hope to reread this and rekindle my joy of cooking. Now, my passion for cooking is stifled by calories and health reasons, but I just need to adjust my attitude and create the best food for diet and health. I understand what you say.

  4. Rockflower

    Misschey, lovely to hear of someone who loves to cook and it is a creative art. I used to cook a great deal, had to do a lot of formal entertaining for my husband’s job. I did not ask for the catering job it just landed on me. Having got it I worked at it and did get to enjoy it a lot. I cooked all kinds of foods baked everything. preserved the lot. Now by comparison I do little cooking but I do make what I eat and never buy processed food.Having lived in Asia, I cook a lot of Indian food which I like and Chinese dishes. Then favourites from all over the place. Variety is the spice of life as they say. Fashions come and go in food as in everything else so things change. People change too, as we get old there are often medical considerations and I for one can only eat small portions and don’t want more that one or two course at a time. So enjoy your cooking to the full and keep at it.

  5. Maree

    I love to cook as well and love to eat. I find to hard to identify with folk who say food is just food . Love to visit other countries and try new foods as well. Luckily here in NZ we have great mix of cultures you do not have to go far to sample many different countries foods and various diets. I did have to laugh recently when a delightful Indonesian lady said to have made you some soup!! I rubbed my hands with glee anticipating some glorious spicey delight ..lol it was cock-a-leeky!!.Not what I had in mind. I had forgotten she had previously loved in Scotland for 27 years.She was returning the favour as her husband had fallen in love with what i had considered a normal scone … carmelised current scones…something i have made since forever. Her british husband and his 92 year old father were positively dribbling over them one night at a supper I had prepared in a hurry. Food brings so many together and creates many happy memories. don’t you think?? My favourite is good curry ….no not out of a jar ….lol.Most partial to Sri Lankan Curry

  6. justpeachy

    I love to cook too. And collect recipes. One of my favorite new recipes is kale pesto pizza. I have a weekly standard menu as you did when you were a young cook, but I don’t hesitate to change it up.

    When I grew up, my mom fried a chicken every Sunday and she made biscuits every day of the week. Vegetable lo mein, sometime beef lo mein is something I like to have every week. And often, I have spaghetti on the week-end, no jarred sauce here. That stuff’s really bad. lol. Such a quick, easy meal, and always great. I usually add sliced olives. I also love Pinterest and have found some great recipes there. If they have a recipe sharing group here, I didn’t see it yet.

    To me, telling someone it’s about boosting their ego to prepare a meal and share it with others is putting a negative spin on it. It’s a great feeling to prepare a meal for people and have them really enjoy it.