I have my eye on you!!

It’s great to be back…..I thought I would ‘blog’ to save having to repeat myself in chat ,as I haven’t been around much this year. If you get bored move along to the next blog ………..I won’t be at all offended….he he. About eleven months ago I noticed that my eyesight seemed a bit ‘strange’ and was finding that looking at the screen was weird to say the least…..I thought I has ”suddenly” developed a cataract…..as if that happens! I went to the opticians and discovered that I had what they call Mascular Degeneration. It was explained to me and treatment is injections in the eye….ew! and hopefully this would help. I didn’t want to make my eye worse so I decided to give the lappy a rest hoping that it would help. That’s why I wasn’t here but I didn’t want to make a big production of it…….so many of you have enough to deal with without me going on. Anyway……the injections haven’t worked…..for me anyway and it seems that I have to have a steroid plonked in my eye next to see if that will work…..oh happy days eh?…. Waiting for that appointment to come through…..I have decided if it gets no better and no worse I will get back on the lappy and see how I go…..I am soooo fortunate my other eye is perfect…..but if I get into chat and you see some weird typos….bear with me…..I am ‘adjusting’……we have to don’t we. As long as staring at the screen does no more harm I might as well enjoy my chats again. I would like the say though….apparently this treatment can be successful…just in case anyone else finds that they are in the same boat. So don’t be discouraged by my experience. I am thankful that I can see enough to be able to read too….just have to take breaks more often…..right I think that’s about it….I have missed my chats in here…so onward and upwards.

Lotsa Love


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  1. ah, my dad suffered from this morvenna, as well as my aunt. There are so many new procedures now that seem to help. I hope you find the right one.
    I’m so glad that you are back chatting with us as you have been missed.
    All the best..xxx

  2. A guy who had an eyesight problem on his pc, where I once worked, had a magnified screen. Dunno where he got it but they are made. Might be worth getting a loan of one for you to try. Good luck with the eyes.

  3. Morvenna soooo pleased you are back, I kept wondering where you were, i missed you ,.. i left a message hoping you would recieve it but apparently you didnt if you had not checked your messages … you have made my day my dear friend…..
    you can join me in the typonese catergory… the poor chatters have had to put up with my typos until my eyesight became a little more improved , not the same problem as yours though ,,, however mine is improving somewhat ….
    Welcome back xxxx(((hugs)))Lani .

  4. welcome back morvenna. Thought they had either chopped down all the trees in sherwood forest or run out of green tights in notttingham for you to hav vanished for so long.
    Here,s wishing for a successful end to your problems and once again the folk of sherwood can see your tree hopping lol

  5. Our dear, sweet Morvy… you have certainly been missed!! Thank you for informing us, and please try to visit here as much as possible. You have always brought good chat and joy into the chat rooms. Continue taking good care of yourself and I look forward to the opportunity to chat with you again. xxKate

  6. Welcome back Morvenna. I sympathize with your eye problems since I have ad some issues, but all are now resolved. I had a muscle spasm and pain and just could not read a lot which was like losing a big part of me. Recently, i discovered that I could not thread a needle and I got stronger glasses. I could see very well and had just been to the eye doctor and she did not recommend stronger glasses. After a certain age, we learn not to take a whole lot for granted. I think it is good to share some of our issues, otherwise, we feel that we have all the bad luck. I wish a good recovery with your vision.

  7. There’s a song called, “The Eyes of Texas”…….and the refrain is: The eyes of Texas are upon you”…….and now so is Morvenna’s! It’s kinda like “big sister” is watching out for me….and that’s a good feeling. Welcome back!

  8. Welcome back Morv…missed you! We’ll have to compare eye notes…lol…as I’ve been diagnosed with Macular Pucker which needs an op but apparently my eyes aren’t too bad yet. I just can’t see to drive…so keep an eye out for me…hahaha xx

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