How Do you Make a Day, a Holiday, or a Life Special

How do you make a day, a week, a year, a holiday, or a life special. What are the little things or the big things that you do to start a day or end a day, that makes it special?
I knew a woman who went every Saturday and bought herself a candy bar and a record.
She also took a holiday every chance she got and she lived in a room with another family. This is not about money, it is about a mindset to add some joy to life.

I just gave up coffee but found that I really missed the morning start so I do decaffeinated coffee. I missed my habit more than I missed my caffeine.
I just realized that a special part of the holiday season for me is eggnog and brandy. I am happier, and less stressed when cooking while sipping and stirring. I just bought 2 red poinsettias and I do that every year. Those are a couple of things that I do, but what do you do when the sun rises or the sun sets, the week or year ends, or you have a holiday?

We need to share some simple ways to make life more fun. We know that there are losses, and our circles are smaller, and we crave a nap more than a commotion, but what do we do that makes life a little brighter for our elf or/and others?

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  1. roseinbloom Post author

    Waylander, I agree and thank you for your comment. A person sometimes needs to make an effort to find a person or people. We are here on a web site which is better than being totally alone.

  2. geeljay

    When I lost my wife, I blundered around in an abyss. I eventually sought the company of fellow travellers, and we formed a friendship club. About 20 ladies and gents. None looking for another partner, but just company. 5 or 6 of us now meet for breakfast, where we nosh, enjoy and sit and put the world to rights for an hour or so. We are all going out for a couple of meals in December. Not Christmas lunch, just dinner, and and maybe a coffee and a gas. They are becoming my lifeline. I have 4 children, who miss their mumsy, but they now have families of their own. The thing we need most is people. Priceless.

  3. davidrv

    Hi rose. For me, what makes life special is having a goal in the future; a dream. It doesn’t have to be glamorous, just something that you know will take time to achieve. Whether it is going to happen is not as important as the journey towards that goal.
    When I was much younger and only surviving with a young family, I remember once taking a store catalog and making a list of everything that I would like to have. Then I would trim the list down to the essentials. Then I would still trim the list a lot of times until I faced the fact that I couldn’t get those things. But in this exercise I never lost hope that the future may be brighter.
    I guess it can be summed up to having hope and finding purpose in my life.
    When my mom was in her 60s she said that she would like to see 80. A few years ago I told her that 80 was approaching, that she should set her goal again, so she is looking at 100; she is 81 today.

  4. roseinbloom Post author

    davidr. you are absolutely right. We all need new vision, dreams or goals. I need to get to work on that.
    I like your making a list of what you want and a selection process. Hope is important as you said, tomorrow will be brighter.

  5. vonMichael

    Hi Rose,

    every day that is different from the daily drabnees is special. Mostly little occurences ( unexspected ? ) can be the reason for it. Michael

    1. roseinbloom Post author

      Michael, you have it nailed. The little special out of the ordinary things make a life special. I guess that is why we have holidays in the first place.

  6. Drummer

    Hi roseinbloom Congratulations and thank you for this thought provoking piece -My only constructive thought is something that I always try to do myself -Always greet people you meet with a smile both on your face and in your voice – it isn’t difficult!
    Kind regards Drummer

  7. catalpa

    I appreciated this question, particularly around the holidays. I have had periods over the past couple of decades when I treated my life much with disregard, as its existence was one of toleration or even resentment. It resulted in a series of events that combined themselves with both high risk behavior as well as self isolation. When u don’t value yourself you value the world around you even less, which is a cycle that propagates itself. I often reflect back on what changed, because that all seems so far away now. I return to several significant events that reminded me, in a persistent manner, that despite my lack of regard–the universe maintained it for me. Whether u call it god, or mother nature, or the universe, it seemed to present itself in a caring, nurturing manner. Acknowledging this openly has made an impact for me, and has resulted in an increased value of my own life, and those of others. To use the cliché ”have an attitude of gratitude” sounds trite, but its reality can be significant.

  8. Abhilaaj

    I do attempt visiting an orphanage, a senior citizens’ home or feeding a stray whenever I’m in rather happy state of mind. To share some sunlight.
    Knock the doors not knocked often?

  9. Abhilaaj

    To use the cliché ”have an attitude of gratitude” sounds trite, but its reality can be significant.
    Yes, indeed Catalpa–”have an attitude of gratitude”
    means thanking Him.

  10. Cloudless13

    From a mans point of view…maybe. Once we dump our best friend EGO, life becomes much simpler, it becomes less stressed, we become more at home with ourselves for sure. Taking time to look and I mean really look at what is around us, to experience it as it is brings contentment, more joy to our lives. I always look for even on a really bad day if it presents, just one thing that was good, looks good, or just felt good. Like going to see a play, you read about it first yet sometimes you sit there and its really bad, you could walk out at the end very fed up and down. Yet I bet if most folk just thought for a minute I bet there was something in that play, event, musical gig that you got some enjoyment from no matter how small it was.
    I spent most of my life stressed out in one way or another, fighting time, head down going fast like a train, yet not stopping to see what else was going on in my life. Life is a bit like a train journey, yet if we only just got off and sat on the platform of one of the stations, and let all settle for a while, calm our minds, we would enjoy our journey so much more.

    Just a foot note not that it matters, I am not a religious person seeing my life through a set of scrips, I am just a normal bloke who has learnt much from life by making many mistakes. You see I no longer have EGO so can be honest and let that pride guard thing down, be honest… thank you.