How did you chose the name for your pet?

I was talking to my friend about naming a pet, I would have a hard time thinking of a friend called his white Boxer Dymond, because when his mother passed away he found a diamond 'stuffed' in one of her drawers, hence he bought a White Boxer and that is his name, he also bought a chocolate Boxer and called him Guinness ~ my friends favourite tipple and lives in Ireland, I'm just curious how you came you came up with a name for your pets?


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  1. nmod

    My little Maltese /Shih Tzu, I inherited when his owner passed away is named Sammy …after Pete Sampras . The tennis player who was Sammy’s owner greatest idol !
    We had Sammy for about 12years now …and we love him !

  2. Diana

    I have an over-sized female rabbit, “peaches” as she is orange, like a peach. Three female dwarfs we named one after another rabbit that died, and two were just random names. As well, we have dwarf lop-eared male, my son named him after a story-book rabbit “ruepert” and another male we just thought of something tomatch, as “hubert” Our 2 yr old female single-maned lionhead is call “snuggles” after the tv teddybear , and finally, our very first rabbit my son bought with his then girlfriend, “jazzy”…i guess she just liked the way it sounded. used to have 11 rabbits in all, and i truly still miss two of them, both males, one was named after that irish cream “bailey” and the other, we just called him “jack” as he reminded us of a fellow in a movie that was always horny lol. Anyway, it is funny how we come up with the names for our pets….oh, we had two other rabbits, one was such a cutey, my son named her “muffy” after a childhood show, the rabbit on there was called this. And, we had a male , all white, i named him “snowball” ……interesting post

  3. debz Post author

    How interesting Diania, when I was 5 my parents got a labrador, she was named Ringo after one of the beatles, but my parents changed it to Sandy as I guess she was a Sandy colour!! brother also had a white persian cat and at the time The Avengers with Joanna Lumley was in it called Purdey, hence the name of the cat…later found out he was a male, so we called him purdey the poof!!…not pc correct nowadays but that was the time when it didn’t matter!!! x

  4. millie

    My 13-yr old daughter (at the time) named our dog Spooky-Mooky Carl-Bob ____ (our last name) b/c she’s a little silly (okay maybe a lot) haha We just call him Spooky tho, cos he comes faster that way.. πŸ™‚ Turns out he’s really quirky and “spooked” by lots of things tho (like a pile of leaves and a cardboard box… and any sudden movement) so the name really works for him — and us. He’s 6 now and hasn’t gotten any more “normal” with age (like we’re good judges of but he’s fun & fits our family. x

  5. debz Post author

    Spooky Mooky..never heard that before I like!…How boring I must have been to name my hamster hammy πŸ™

  6. skippy

    The breeder called my little toy poodle Princess Charliese, didn’t like that, she is not at all a princess, not at all spoilt lol. My hairdresser called her cute as a button daughter Charlie and I thought “thats it” so the princess became charliegirl. No matter how much I groom her she shakes, shake starts at her head and travels down her body to her tail, ears and tail drop back into ringlets, think “scruff” might have been a better name lol.

    1. debz Post author

      Awee like the Charlie perfume ad….I’m amazed how everyone really does think about the names for their pets…I’ve always liked the name Charlie for females..even humans lol!!

  7. pollie

    well debz my boy was called Dice..sadly i lost him 19 months ago and i still miss him so very much…He was called Dice cos’ when i made my mind up to get him i wasnt sure i should as i already had four dogs at the time (all border collies and i do obedience with them all…hence that amount!!) so therefore it was a ‘dicey’ decision’ on my part and that was his kennel name which i also choose, and his pet name was Dice lol!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  8. debz Post author

    Oh poll I know how much you miss him, and the photos of him are lovely, when I had my ‘rescue’ dog incident I should have come to you for advice……..and how original for his name….and how cute, do you have any dogs now?

  9. meashamfox

    We have two dachshunds and as they are known as sausage dogs we named them Lincoln and Richmond respectively after brands of sausages

  10. PollyPie

    One of my dogs I named Dasher as I got him from the shelter a week before Christmas, so I named him after one of Santa’s reindeer,
    The baby I have now…. well…. got her name after I Love Lucy πŸ™‚

  11. missellie

    When my friend and i were driving home after picking up my doberman, i was trying to decide on a name for him. A truck pulled in front of us on the interstate with Texas plates,
    I have long been a fan of the state, so Texas, Hold Em became his name.

  12. welshchrisie

    For my parents golden wedding annivesary we got them a west highland terrier. A type of dog my mum had always liked. The breeder had been calling her Topsie and I told my Mum this but it somehow got changed to Tootsie. The year after, my mum died and the dog and my dad moved into live with us after a few years. Dad would always take Tootsie for walks to a large nearby park and I lost count of the number of Ladies he met at the park !! Anyway Tootsie outlive Mum and dad and went on to live for over 17 happy years.

  13. debz Post author

    Awee welsh what a really lovely story, I keep persuading my Dad to get a dog, I must say when I was married we had a retriever, and the amount of people who used to stop and talk was amazing, when you have no dog, noone seems to speak……x

      1. debz Post author

        yes and always say hello to the dog first!!…..I may have to get one..I had a bad experience on a rescue dog, it was a long story and I thin I wrote a blog about it on here somewhere!!!


  14. PamfromTX

    My husband and I have never owned a pet (except for a tropical fish). We adopted a stray cat recently and she has since disappeared.

    We had that tropical fish for almost two years; the pet store couldn’t believe it lived that long. But, it did. We named it “Gumbo”. Hubby and I both love Cajun food and of course, seafood gumbo. That fish has a cute personality, believe it or not. It would start swimming in circles when we’d walk in after being gone all day at work.

    Hubby refuses to get rid of its’ fish tank and supplies and it’s been years since it passed.

    So, we really must not be ‘pet’ people. I’m highly allergic to cats as well. Have always wanted an English bulldog but never have acquired one.

  15. debz Post author

    Thanks all I have found this so interesting, I now have name if I ever get a pet, it would be called Taskie, I work with special needs and one of the young lads was talking about a Taskie, it was after months and just this week I realized that he was talking about Lizzie who drives the ‘taxi’ when they go out on a day trip, Taskie being a taxi, he is such a lovely lad of 15..thanks Tom! x