Holiday Season

I put this, or something very similar in on the old site, but I think it warrants repeating.

With the holiday season coming up, there will be many people whose only company over the “festive” season will be those they find in the rooms on this site. They have no family, no friends, or at least none who have time for them at this time of year.

So if you happen to come in here over the holiday and find someone sat in a chat room, don’t be too quick to run off back to your friends, family and festivities. Stay, talk for, oh, say 5 minutes, before you run off.

You might just make that person’s day. You might just save that person’s life.

Always remember that the holiday season is also the suicide season.

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  1. macathy

    Yes way it is a time that some are very lonely and I thank god I have family ,I will make it a point to come in as I owe all you people on this site a lot, it pulled me through a very dark time thanks for reminding us.

  2. jayofnj

    I have family and some friends, but I still find this time of year depressing. I’m not sure why, but it has to do with what I see as the phoniness of some of it. Running around with “Christmas lists” and constantly posting how much shopping they have left, and how “wonderful” and “magical” it all is! No wonder it is also the suicide season. If I could go to sleep now and wake up on December 26th I would gladly do it….lol.

    1. woodsie60

      Jay u say it well i would do same but hope someone wakes me when spring arrives that the real time of hope for me and others i dare guess.

  3. jojo

    I agree with jay too. I have always felt depressed at Christmas, but in my case it stems way back to childhood. For practical reasons, Christmas didn’t happen in our household until after lunch. For a child to have to wait until after lunch to open presents was really painful – at Church all the other kids would be talking about what they’d received for Christmas, while my sister and I had to say we hadn’t received anything as yet, having to endure the pitying looks from our peers. By the time we’d had lunch and the opening of gifts began, it had been ruined for me. And this let down feeling has prevailed until this day. I know sooo many people who find Christmas depressing.

  4. debz

    Believe it or not… Christmas is a very sad and lonely time of the year for me……everytime I see the tv its full of buy this buy that, watching people with families, I will be here on my own Christmas Day………

    Way I agree with cdreams you are a kind and caring man…..see I know your one of the best!!!


  5. sunflower2

    I think the media brings expectations up so high that whether you’re alone or with family, nothing can meet those expectations. I think Christmas is a mixed bag for most of us – happy feelings and sad feelings all in one. Good post Way.

  6. georgia

    Way, this is so true. It was only two nights ago that I saw a comment left by a new member in the group, A Place to go When You are Feeling Down. He said, “Can anyone tell me how this works.” No one had answered him. I sent him a message, but he was gone by then. You are right, we never know. It could have been a cry for help.
    How do we reach those people who do not come into Chat, but are here, hurting and lonely? I am giving this some thought. Any suggestions are most welcome.

  7. PamfromTX

    Thank you, Way… for posting this as a reminder of those who are alone and/or lonely during the holidays. I had a horrible experience last week. My husband’s only sister in San Antonio (Texas)… took an overdose last week. She and I talk a lot over the phone and I try so hard to make her smile/laugh.

    I received a call one night last week ~ she had overdosed and I could barely understand her. I told her I was calling 911 in San Antonio; in my anxious state… I could not even find her physical address to give them. I hung up and called her son and told him what she had done.

    Ambulance got there quickly (thank, God)… and she is home now. She doesn’t want to see anyone for Thanksgiving… but, hubby and I are stopping in San Antonio on our way to my hometown to see her.

    Prayers are being said for all of those people who find themselves in a lonely state. God bless everyone.