Hello to those who remember me… :-D

Hello to those who remember me... :-D

To all my lovely friends on the SC site, it's been a few years since I have been an active member.....I had forgotten my password...I just wanted to say miss you all..
The SC site was an absolute godsend to me about 5 years ago, those of you will remember the fun times we had! people on here became my 'second' family, some I keep in contact with on my FB page.
However I decided to 'get out' a little more......and I did, I have a fantastic social circle of really good friends, we travel to Europe a lot! I think so far I've been holiday 8 times, Spain, Barcelona, Portugal.... another trip coming from my son in the USA, who I've not seen in 8 years! yessss, then we're taking him off to Spain, then flying out to Southern Ireland.....In December I'll be going to Madrid...
Life is good!, and as my profile says I live it.....
I am 57 now!!! where have the years gone?.... and am loving every year, age really is a number.
For anyone of you who is 'deciding' about joining this site...all I can say is it was a place where I could feel 'home' on some lonely days and nights, I became friends with many people from all over the world and I'm still friends with some.....I can honestly say for any of you who feel lonely without friends you will find them here, the SC site was part of me and gave me friendship..
THANK YOU ALL for those friends who made my life happier, `I have taken giant steps forward and live life even more!
~ And smile it's an international language!

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  1. vonMichael

    Hello debz,

    return to a place after years of break seems to be the right step at the right time. Yes I agree, SC is like being home from home in a certain way and I’m sure, you’ll find names and faces which are familiar to you even after some years of non-attendance. So I say welcome back here.

    You’ve travelt to Portugal and I would like getting to know your impressions on this country? Just give us som impressions on it perhaps in a blog.

    Welcome again Michael

  2. roseinbloom

    debz, I don’t know you, but I am glad to meet you and hear your story. I hope you will be happy here and be willing to make new friends and share your wit and sunshine with me and others. Sometimes we are down, and need help and sometimes we are up and can help others. When a lot of us found this site we were in a down period. I am glad you came back and are happy. I hope to see more of you.

  3. lani36

    Hi, Debz so nice to see you return , hope you fi nd it as delightful as it was when you were here before welcome HomexxLani

  4. nmod

    Hi Debz , so nice to hear from you ,and to hear that life’s good and you are living it up !
    Well done girl ! I agree with you ,age is just a number …the beauty of getting old is that life gets better and it can be lots of fun !
    Great to see you again ! xx

  5. katelin

    Hello to our dear, sweet Debz!!
    SO wonderful to see you back here with us…you have certainly been missed! You’re such a treasured friend… truly a good, kind, caring person… beautiful, inside and out. Sending ya lotsa love and hugs. xx

  6. shadow

    Good to see you again Debz :D. I doubt you will find SC the same as you left it all that time ago! Yes we had fun on here once but Rob changed the site, i think he had to, for reason’s i cant remember now!. Most of the old SC left and went on FB, me included. I have followed your FB page and i see you still go on your travels..way to go girl!. I find SC so dull now..no more laughter…no more teasing each other, sure we got out of hand sometimes but a word from Rob or an Administrator brought us back down to earth, we still continued our laughter, but we obeyed the rules (i think!). I still pop in here mostly for old times sake but dont post anymore. I miss the old SC but times change and though i dont like it, we old SC have to change also. πŸ™ I would still be on here if the fun came back, but i dont see that happening any more and that makes me sad πŸ™ Like you said Debz ‘ SC site was part of me and gave me friendship’ I have kept in touch with a lot of them on FB…but i still miss them on here. I hope what i have said doesn’t stop you posting again? I for one would love to see you on here again πŸ™‚ You are a blast from the past? Dare i hope we will have a tickle mrs ( as Ken Dodd use to say lol. Hope so..i await your reply with great anticipation. Like i said in the beginning, it’s good to see you again Debz. πŸ˜€ xx

    1. lani36

      Hi dear Shadow , so sorry you don’t feel S.C. is not the same , yes, some lovely faces have gone but thefunis still here, i laughed until I fell off my chair yesterday .lol it just takes one to get the ball rolling …
      some days are more jocular thanothers but the fun is still there especially if good people like yourself participate … I would love to see all the former faces returned , loved them all ..xxxxx

      1. shadow

        Hello lovely Lani :D. I didn’t want to have a moan about the laughter on here, but the opportunity presented itself by Debz blog. :D. I wish i knew where you get your laughter from on here now?. I have caught two trains to look around the site! ( both were running late!) but blowed if i can find the fun you say is still on here?. If you are meaning the chat room then i’m afraid that leaves me out . I cannot type quickly enough to join in the laughter in there ( due to bone and muscle problem i have with my fingers) Talk about a slow boat to China doesnt cover it, i have tried often enough lol. If you dont mean the communion chat room, then dear Lani please tell me where you go for your laughs on here? ol shads is getting desperate, believe me you dont want a desperate shads on your hands, do you? lol. Have a nice day Lani and thank you for replying to me. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ xxx

  7. debz Post author

    Aww thanks everyone, yes they were fun, good, cheeky and saucy times we had! lots of inuendos, but no one took offence…. πŸ™‚
    I don’t think I’ll ever be as active as I was I remember things started to get a little ‘tetchy’, and now I am pretty busy, and what happened to the chat room? OMG it used to be buzzing!..some days so hard to keep up!….truly a real chatters site….one big compex family but with a lot of laughs!
    Yep Shadow I cya on FB and happy you follow my friends and our ‘adventures’, even though I’m ho hum 57 now ..I have no intention of growing up nmod, I like this age …you can kinda get away with a lot more…the phrase oh it’s my age being a favourite!..that is when it suits :p…
    lani…I’m assuming you’re the lani on FB …hello!
    And Katelin, gosh we formed such a lovely friendship, I often wonder about you…My son is flying in from Ohio on Tuesday and on the Thursday we fly out to Spain, it’s a long 8 years overdue!….YOU Katelin are the sweet kind and lovely lady, so much patience, gosh I could say do you remember?…… but I’ll not in case the chatters are still about! ..those were the days eh? …. I’m smiling now thinking about them..
    Roseinbloom, welcome I do hope the site once again becomes as vibrant and active as it used to be…in chat we would have parties, couches to sit on and oh my it was just fun, I would be laughing away to myself, the chat moved sooooo fast I do believe we were all talking to ourselves, I remember one day almost 40!…
    Well out dashing about again…..
    I’ll pop in every now and then…hmm I may do a blog…can I include my ‘dates’ which have taken me to Portugal? Barcelona?…..now there’s a story!
    Love to you all!

  8. lo1234

    So nice to see you back on here, Debz! I do follow you on FB and while I’m still working, I can live vicariously thru you and enjoy your many travels.
    Hope to see you in chat soon. xxx

    1. passaggio

      Hellooooooo Debz!
      So great to see you back . It sure sounds like you are having the time of your life! You deserve every bit of it too! πŸ™‚
      Unfortunately, I am not on FB, so I have missed hearing about all of your adventures. I will be waiting for you next blog that includes your “dates” to all these great places you have traveled to! πŸ™‚ xxx
      Wishing you safe travels, and hoping to see you in chat in the near future.
      Cheers to you Deb. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ xx

  9. lani36

    YES Debz the same lani on both . had to join f.b to see all the faces i missed so much /.I have followed your trips away and loved the Irish one especially, happy and safe travelling , I will enjoy hearing about all your escapades haahahha have fun xxxx. Lani

  10. jenna

    Hi Debz, It’s wonderful to hear that you are enjoying life to the max, it certainly comes across in your words. Have a wonderful time with your son in Spain.

  11. patricia

    Hello debz I remember you very clearly , you lived not far from me at the time I remember things that we talked about at the time, you had problems ,and you worked your was through them, I also followed your travels on face book its good that you came back to SC , are you still going to do the same job before you did a grat job, I wish you well and hope you enjoy the chat site as you did when you were here last
    Pat x

  12. roxyanne

    welcome back debz good to see someone from the past yes the old site was always full of fun I myself don’t come on much but like to come in and say hello and have a chat but not the same as before find all the fun gone now but maybe it will come back again wish you all the best x