Hello. !

Hi,  I’m Helen, I’m 65 years old and married. I live in the countryside, Moray,Scotland 

I like reading ,music ,films,pets,internet

I enjoy going out for coffees, meals, shopping !

Mostly kept busy visiting family, ( I have five grown up children).However,all are single and there’s not a chance of being a granny yet.

I don’t feel my age and dress in same stuff for years,jeans,hoodie,trainers.  I’m told I look about 50.

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  1. Hi @helenrowena it’s nice to meet you. I’m 62 and also married. I envy your living in Scotland, but envious in “good” way. I would love to actually stand on Scotland soil someday. I also like reading, music, pets, the internet especially on my PC. I also love photography, art, museums and writing. I have many more hobbies but I never have enough hours in the day to enjoy them all. I hope you enjoy looking over the site and will post some more. . . it’s always nice to meet new friends.

  2. Helenrowena, Scotland is a somewhat mysterious and interesting place for me. You sound like a person who has time for some happy ours on this site and at a crossroads before becoming a “granny” which may happen soon. I hope you will meet and mingle here.

  3. Hi@Helenrowena, you are lucky to be in Scotland. I live in Nigeria and no opportunity yet to visit Scotland. I love to be there to see them play the bagpipes. I only watched the video here in Nigeria, it was melodious and sonorous mixed together.