To all of those people who still think women are the weaker sex, take it up with MOTHER NATURE and THE MOTHER OF INVENTION !!!!!

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    1. leafofgold

      Progress takes a long time. The reason that some men still rule is because ignorant and weak women allow them to.

  1. millie

    I don’t see that it has to be a competition… some men are better at some things than some women, some women better than some men.. why can’t we live peaceably with one another? jmo

  2. leafofgold

    What competition???????? I write the facts. Quit looking for something that isn’t there. No need to over analyze. As long as women allow men to dominate them they will never know the extent of their worth, talent, or intelligence. jmo

  3. millie

    Just a question, leaf.. and no over-analysis, just a statement. I obvi don’t see what you see. One sex isn’t better equipped to rule in all situations than another… Imo It was never supposed to be a contentious relationship but rather a cooperative one coming together to share strengths, not fight over differences, hence the question about living peaceably….. Stating my opinion here, like it or not. Have a lovely day

    1. leafofgold

      I’m talking about the fact that women are more powerful then they think. Not better then man but equal in all things. There is nothing in this world a man can do that a woman can’t. When a woman uses her femininity as a weakness they are doomed to be treated as weak. Oh I’m sorry. You were tying to make this about you!!! Keep practicing your blog hijacking. It needs a little work. Stating my opinion here, like it or not. Sweet dreams.

        1. leafofgold

          Because she missed the point entirely and made the blog into a debate.about the battle of the sexes instead of a statement about the power of women in general.That in literary circles is called hijacking. It was not a personal attack. Just a correction.

          1. chalkoutline

            That’s the nature of blogging. It’s a public forum and discussions are going to naturally thread into various branches and roots of the original tree. No sapling can survive as a trunk without its roots and branches.

            To claim that someone is hijacking a blog and making it about themselves, well that seems to me to be the antithesis of the reason one would blog in the first place. You want to attract discussion, not attack someone for making a valid connection to it.

          2. millie

            appreciate it, chalk, but not worth discussing w/ someone who attacks for no reason.. for some fabricated personal vendetta.. my comments speak for themselves .. and so do hers… let it go, my friend 🙂

          3. leafofgold

            Not only do I fabricate personal vendettas, I’m a heretic as well. Enjoy

          4. jsmile

            She “millie” didn’t miss the point at all. From what is written she simply expounded on your point. Leaf women have come a very long way in the past century. Women have their God given talents as men do. Women are weaker than men in “men” things. Just as men are weaker than women in their talents and gifts. Thank God I don’t have to give birth. Together we make the world go round.

  4. lani36

    easier said than done in some instances, loving caring and kindness, are not weaknesses, rather strengths of charactor as I see it, but some males are bullies , only have to see the stats, and I say some, not all, controversial subject but all entitled to there own views.xx.

    1. myhurtingback

      What bothers me with the subject of male v female differences is that mostly it is the women who as the birth mothers take on the role of raising the male children….so how come so many men are not very nice people especially to women?

      When I had sons I saw it as my role to raise to men who would cherish and appreciate women and be loyal and not players, who could cook, sew, garden etc. I learned they follow what they see as well as what you teach. I have lovely sons and both their wives say I raised them good as both are trustworthy. loyal and honest and the eldest is being a greast dad.

      1. leafofgold

        This blog was not a call for a competition between the sexes but a shout for equality.Women didn’t even get the vote until 60 years after former slaves. I don’t want any man’s job. I want our daughters and granddaughters to reach their full potential.

        1. myhurtingback

          You are clearly passionate about female empowerment but unfortunately it’s often women themselves who use femininity and sensuality to gain powder over men. It’s women who choose to turn themselves into Barbie dolls with breast and buttock implants and botox lips lips as if that is the only attraction on offer. We are all different…I value real people and real women who value themselves are usually valued by the males who know them.. we have the vote now…we have some powerful women around now and more will follow…but some woman are happy to let the man THINK he is in charge.

  5. millie

    Agreed lani.. much is far from the ideal.. any kind of power is often abused, My point was only the one about rule being given to one or another sex all the time.. It would be nice not to have to battle but rather work together based on our given strengths, but as you stated easier said than done, Thanks for the discussion.xo

    1. myhurtingback

      Agree Millie and men and women can co exist each taking on the roles in the relationship that is their strength. I was lucky to find such a partner and both our sons have turned into men who see partnership with their wives, sharing roles as suits what needs to be done. I cooked and he cleaned up, he gardened and i helped him and my kids learned from what they saw.

      1. millie

        yes..i think u nailed it. i think it has everything to do w/ example. i mean i think we see exceptions to that all the time (kids who stray far from what they’re taught for whatever reason) but for the most part i think it’s how they’re raised and the role models which they’ve had.

        1. myhurtingback

          Mind you it does fascinate me how women often bring up their son’s to be the type of male they would not want a women to be with. Reproducing matcho men who often saw women as sexual beings not equals of a differing sex.

          1. leafofgold

            Finally myhurtingback, got the point. There is hope. Thank you.

          2. millie

            Interesting point, MHB.. but I wonder if that isn’t more “caught” than “taught”. Again, I think it’s often modeled by their same sex parent or other males who they admire.. I, too, feel fortunate that so far my boys have turned out well in that dept.., but I still have one to go so..we shall see.. lol

  6. jsmile

    The term “Mother Nature is nothing more than a myth derived from “Man”. No need to roar lol.

    The phrase mother nature is derived from a multitude of ancient mythologies in which natural phenomena were assigned qualities of either parent. Edmund Spencer wrote in the 1500’s that, ‘For all that nature by her mother wit could frame in Earth.’

    Pagan religion–if you watched the move Da Vinci Code- what he said about the ancient rite of man and woman is true–women were revered, women give and nurture life, so, mother nature. Yes, man had a hand in giving that life, but the woman birthed the child, she is the one that usually does most of the raising of child.

    The concept of “Mother Nature” and “Mother Earth” comes to us from ancient myths and religions. People used what they knew – mothers and fathers -to describe the unknown or supernatural.

    From “Primitive Mythology: The Masks of the Gods” by Joseph Campbell (Penguin Books, New York, first published 1959): “.(4500-3500 B.C.) .a multitude of female figurines appear among the potsherds. These suggest that the obvious analogy of woman’s life-giving and nourishing powers with those of the earth must already have led man to associate fertile womanhood with an idea of the motherhood of nature.”

    You go girl!!

    And of course Mother Nature and Mother Earth is a recurring theme in literature. From the good old “Famous Quotations” by John Barlett:

    “For all that nature by her mother wit
    Could frame in earth.”
    Edmund Spenser (1552-1599)

    “My father! The Great Spirit is my father! The earth is my mother — and on her bosom I will recline.”
    Tecumseh, chief of the Shawnees. (1768-1813)

    “I (Nature) am called a mother, but I am a grave.” Alfred de Vigny (1797-1863).

    Mother Nature is a personification of nature. Images of women representing mother earth, and mother nature, are timeless. Long before history was recorded, goddesses were worshiped for their association with fertility, fecundity, and agricultural bounty. Priestesses held dominion over Incan, Assyrian, Babylonian, Slavonic, Roman, Greek, Proto-Indo-European, and Iroquoian fertility religions in the millennia prior to the inception of patriarchal religions.

    Algonquin legend says that “[b]eneath the clouds [lives] the Earth-Mother from whom is derived the Water of Life, who at her bosom feeds plants, animals and men” (Larousse 428). (8) She is known as Nakomis, the Grandmother.

    Western Tradition


    The word nature comes from the Latin word, natura, meaning birth or character (see nature (innate)). In English its first recorded use, in the sense of the entirety of the phenomena of the world, was very late in history in 1662; however Natura, and the personification of Mother Nature, was widely popular in the Middle Ages and can be traced to Ancient Greece in origin. The pre-Socratic philosophers of Greece had invented Nature when they abstracted the entirety of phenomenon of the world into a single name and spoken of as a single object: Natura. Later Greek thinkers such as Aristotle were not as entirely inclusive, excluding the stars and moon, the “Supernatural”, from Nature. Thus from this Aristotelian view—nature existing inside a larger framework and not inclusive of everything—Nature became a personified deity, and it is from this we have the origins of a mythological goddess Nature. Later medieval Christian thinkers did not see Nature as inclusive of everything, but thought that she was created by God, her place lay on earth, below the heavens and moon—Nature lay somewhere in the middle, with agents above her (angels) and below her (daemons and hell). For the medieval mind she was only a personification, not a goddess. The modern concept of Nature, all inclusive of all phenomenon, has returned to its original pre-Socratic roots no longer a personification or deity except in a rhetorical sense, a bow to her illustrious traditions.

    Greek Myth

    Specifically in Greek mythology, the myth of Demeter and Persephone tells the story of a mother who discovers that her daughter has been abducted by Hades, who drags Persephone into the underworld with him. Demeter, goddess of the harvest, whose name originally meant ‘earth mother,’ wreaked revenge upon the earth by refusing to provide any crops, so that the “entire human race [would] have perished of cruel, biting hunger if Zeus had not been concerned” (Larousse 152). She would not permit the earth to bear fruit until she saw her daughter again, and so Hades was forced by Zeus to allow Persephone to live with her mother, but while Persephone had lived in the Underworld, she had been forced to eat seeds of the pomegranate, the food of the dead. When Hermes came to take Persephone back to her mother Hades argued that she had tasted the fruit of the dead, therefore, must remain with him and be queen of the underworld. Zeus made a deal with Hades, for every seed that Persephone ate she would have to stay for a month in the Underworld with Hades; the other months she would remain with her mother.

    1. millie

      Really interesting, Jsmile.. and educational too. I believe understanding history is crucial to understanding the present… mythology included. 😛

  7. leafofgold

    I too studied under Joseph Campbell at NYU. and Columbia University. You however accused me of being personal. Did you not read her remarks? “just my opinion like it or not. Have a nice day” So it wasn’t just me. A vendetta of course not. Thanks for your dissertation.