Healthy Steps – Post 1

I've decided to let you in on a secret. Walking is good for you. You should try it. I am. For May 2nd, 2012, I walked 31,822 steps or about 14.2 miles. I call it weight-steppin' because I do this walk with ankle-weights. Come walk with me.
My current Goal is to walk one Million Steps in under 90 days or about 470 miles. (with ankle-weights) Come walk with me...the weights are optional, lol.

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  1. hapkidogirl

    I enjoy walking too. Ideally, and I haven’t done this in a while, I would walk 10,000 steps daily. Walking is the best exercise!

  2. katelin

    Good for you, papajeff. It’s a wonderful way to exercise and stay healthy. I walk fast and sometimes jog, on my treadmill three times a day. I find that I have so much more energy after the exercise.

  3. mart31

    I used to run marathons but those days are long gone. I do jog but my knees dont like it these days so I have started walking. 120 paces to the minute, like light infantry marching pace. I thought 3 or 4 miles was OK – 14.2?? Never thought of ankle weights. What does that do to the impact?

  4. papajeff Post author

    As a Taoist, I will allow all the World to flow around me.. but not as I stand, no the World will have to pass or follow… for I am on Path, I Walk! Come with me, walk a bit, walk a ’bout, take a walk, walk it out, whatever Steps you need to take, get the heck out of that office and walk to think, defy Gravity and put some spring in your Step… Walk with me!!!