Healthy Steps – Post 6

Well, it's day 12 of my 1 Million Steps in under 90 days Challenge. I wish to now restate that Challenge to 1 Million Steps in under 45 days, effectively doin' a Million Steps in half the time I had originally stated.
I am now, at day 12, at 347,917 Steps as measured by a Pedometer provided by Virgin Health Miles and hooked to the internet and downloaded and tracked hourly.
I wish to thank all of you who wish me well in my Goal. My average Steps per day make it look as though I will achieve my Goal in 35 days. I promise to increase my efforts to make it happen in under 30, can I do it!!!? We'll see.
I do take a bit of a break 2 days out of five... that's when I take off my 5 lbs ankle-weights and walk less steps. Still I try for over 7,000 even on my days off.

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