Halloween and Elections:Both Scary and Make-Believe

Halloween and Elections:Both Scary and Make-Believe

Here in the USA we celebrate Halloween in a big way and then the first Tuesday in November we hold final elections of the year.This year it finally occurred to me that both were scary and make believe and more people spend more time with Halloween than on the election. All this is concerning.

I know you may see the differences. After all Halloween is known to be fantasy and little children are involved and just ask for treats. Well, the politicians disguise themselves as much as possible and sugar coat their messages and I am left wondering if they will be good or trick me anyway.

I wish our elections were less scary and more real.

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      1. lo1234

        Congress and the Senate, Rose. Some have been in for life. If they had term limits they might get in and actually do something instead of constantly campaigning, with their attention on raising money for their next election. Career politicians scare me.

    1. millie

      Scarier still is that they could keep control and run our country even farther into the ground 🙂 However, point taken, Rose… hard to tell fantasy from reality when the politicians are talking. I think we’ve all found that to be true regardless of political affiliation. It’s a scary world with a precarious future looming for our children/grandchildren.

  1. patak

    Rose not so very different here,next year we have elections in the UK the political tricksters of all parties will be out in force. Treats will not be on the agenda. Our election has great potential to be very scary. Think it best to put a steel helmet on retire to the bunker and wait for the all clear before emerging into a new world. Pat

  2. waylander

    I agree with Patak. No different here.

    We have an old joke, but it’s also very true.
    Question:- How do you tell if a politician is lieing?
    Answer:- His lips are moving

      1. lo1234

        Same here, Way. Lawyers make the laws. Very rarely do we ever see a person from another field of knowledge run for election. Would we vote for a Chemist? I think we stick with the devils that we know. LOL