Good Advice……Bad Advice……

Hello Peeps...…...I am sure over the years you have all been given advice, more than likely from your parents, close friends...…..what would you say was the best bit of advice you were given or even the worst..........Quotes...…..some are little gems others irrelevant...….whats your go to quote or saying...….mine to my two children and grandson...……..Never sell yourself short, know your own worth.....and your as good as the next and a lot better than some...……..has "good advice" served you well or turned out to be the worse thing ever...…..lastly, do we really take advice or just continue in our own sweet way learning by our own mistakes...... after all...…..".You cannot shape some ones future by your  past "

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  1. davidrv

    Hi starlette. I’ll take anyone’s advice, or rather, I’ll take it into consideration.
    The only advice I spread around is stand/walk with your back straight; hips, shoulders and ears in a straight vertical line, look ahead, not down. At my age I tend to favor health advice.

    1. roseinbloom

      David, LOL, at our age, the best health advice is to “watch your step”. Falls are one of the most avoidable and lethal and disabling problem for aging people. My sister who has had no illness to this point just “cracked her back”. I know a very long list of people laid low or disabled by falls. The healing for older people is harder and longer than for younger people. I tumbled down a flight of stairs and thought I was going to die it hurt so much but I just got bruised and had a swollen lump on the top of my head.So. “watch your step” is good advice and keep your bones strong so that if you fall, you may survive it or not be injured as much.

        1. roseinbloom

          OMG! Was this recent? Have you recovered. That must have hurt something terrible. I hope you are all better now. Falls are terrible, and it is hard to be careful enough to prevent them all. It is scary. It’s like, when is my turn.

          1. CSweet51

            It was back in 2008. Forced me into early retirememt and a lengthy recovery. Thank goodness there happen to be a miracle worker of an orthopedist on duty. He did an awesome job of knitting it back together with metal plates and screws.

  2. starlette Post author

    Hi David…….any advice that helps with health problems can only be good……little hints and tips here and there can also be helpful……well have to agree good body posture helps……..but ya know you could be missing lots of odd bits of money on the ground while looking straight ahead………just think you could be quids in by now…..providing you can bend down to pick it up………I am sure you can with your posture….

  3. waylander

    Best advice ever? “Never volunteer for anything” and no, i didn’t take it dammit
    Worst advice ever? “You should marry that girl” and yes I did, dammit
    Favourite quote? “To be a good liar you need an excellent memory and you don’t qualify” and yes, I took this one to heart.
    From the above it seems I 2/3rds did take advice, but i doubt the ratio is that high for me.

    1. roseinbloom

      Waylander, Lying is a thing that I hate. I was taught to be honest, so I don’t think I was advised to be honest. As to memory, I had an excellent memory, but only tested it once, and I failed. It was scary, I had two stories and did not know which one was real. I was never tempted to make up another story. The lie was not mean spirited nor did it have a reason like a cover-up of something.
      I don’t think anybody has the memory for lying and after some years they live in a muddled world where there is no reality and no lie is out of limits. I know some of these people.

  4. roseinbloom

    Starlette, you ask the best questions that needs to be pondered. I am sure I will come up with others, but I had an older friend who told me to save money. I did follow his advice, but I did not understand that he meant LONG term saving or for a real emergency and I thought he meant save it and spend it later. I am still not much of a saver. I have invested and I am not wasteful, and I have a pension or I would be in direct straights. Or just been lucky and blessed.
    My father was a big one for “mind your own business” . At the time, I had no business to mind but I have never been a gossiper and did mind my own business unless I was asked for help or saw a need, or could help someone.
    I think you have to live for some ADVICE to really sink in way in, down deep and in for sure.

  5. starlette Post author

    Well Way it seems you should have done the opposite of the advice given to you……..and your not even a good liar because of a crap memory…… if I ask you to lend me a hundred pounds I am on to a winner cos you will forget you lent it to me…………errr………. but I could be wrong on that one……….

  6. starlette Post author

    Hello Rose, save some spend some……..why live a life of frugalness…….life is for living, and the saying there are no pockets in a shroud is sooooo true……….some people lie so much they dont even realise they are doing it anymore…… old Yorkshire saying…………..Hear all see all say nowt….and if thy ever do owt for nowt make sure thy does it for thesen….

    1. roseinbloom

      Starlette. Thank you. I think you are wise. It is a problem of balance. I will take your advice and find a better balance, I really will. Maybe there is more wisdom in the Kingdom than crossed the ocean. LOL.

  7. Slimjim

    Hello, Star Interesting subject advice. When i was in my teens and twenty’s it seemed that everyone from my parents to people i worked with were giving me advice. Well, it all went in one ear and out the other. Years later i found myself giving people advice and no doubt the same thing happened I only take advice good or bad from myself and without wishing to blow my own trumpet i have a very good lifestyle financially and otherwise

  8. starlette Post author

    Hi there Jim…….I would say we all may listen to others advice but at the end of the day use our own judgement….I think by and large we all know our own minds and what is in our hearts…… we do things we dont want to please others………yes I think we do…… is a very hard word to say especially to family………my friend married a man she shouldn’t have, even when she was walking down the aisle she knew it was a mistake, her mother had died when she was very young and her father dearly wanted to see her settled with someone…….so she settled…..settled being the operative word….… one would expect two children and years later they parted………your own decisions and judgement were obviously wise ones…….good for you……

  9. roseinbloom

    I haven’t thought of the worst advice yet. i am glad I didn’t have parents who gave me bad advice. I am short on the bad advice. My oldest brother told me not to stay in the city of Chicago. I stayed 40 years and I loved the city.

  10. Rockflower

    Most of my good advice came from my gran’ and old aunts, they were always funny and wise I think. I received a constant stream of good advice a lot mirrors what previous writers have written here. You are as good as anyone and better than some. Do as you would be done unto. Listen to what someone says and what they don’t say. Always tell truth and live a happy life. Lies don’t come singly they come in bunches. Watch out for those who are too charming, empty vessels make a lot of noise, meaning those who talk about themselves and what they do or have are questionable. If you are caught with your pants down, stand up and own up to what you have done wrong at once. Dirty dogs know their own tricks best , meaning if someone who loudly condemns some fault in another, either fears they will or do that same thing. There are always choices no matter what the problem.
    In my nursing life I learnt a few more……..Every person has a story,even if you don’t know about it. Respect and treat every patient as you hope a loved one would be treated. Clear up and get things ship shape NOW, you never know when the next emergency will be. There are fashions in health matters as in everything.
    In my artistic life…….See, really look most people don’t. Never give up on something , finish it. Allow your brain to be free and flow, listen to it. Each mistake is a gateway to something else.
    From dogs I have learnt……live in the moment and enjoy, always love and show it.
    From gardening……….life is circular, you can have ten seeds, grow these under the same conditions, there will be those who outperform, the also runs and those who are weak or fail.Same with humans.
    In marriage……accept what is not going to change. Honesty above all.
    As a woman…….you are what you are embrace what you cannot change. work, with it not against it. You can eat one tablespoon of anything.
    Bad advice can’t really think of anything apart from a couple of disastrous expensive fashion choices on the advice of enthusiastic sales persons. Certainly nothing big.

  11. vonMichael

    Hello Star, good afternoon to you and re to your answer you gave to David…! little hints and tips here and there can also be helpful….! The problem I see is the question… who gives them?…

    Our daily journals are full with hint, tips and medical advices no question at all. The only result for me, if I would follow
    them.. I wouldn’t live any longer.

    Let me give you only one example: modern food in general. All this what was good in yesterdays is shorten the life today.
    Recommendations to everybody and underpinned by scientists no one has heard their names before.

    Special interest papers tell you your smartphone obsolete whereas you’ve bought it only a few weeks ago.

    No, no Star, nothing seems to be more important in our days than our own life experience which protects us
    24hrs a day. xxxM

  12. starlette Post author

    Hello Michael, maybe we should invent some new quotes and sayings to fit in with modern day life……re the food and what to eat and not what to eat…….well that advice changes every couple of years……what was once disastrous in the past can now be sooooooo beneficial to our health…. errr……….who and what should we believe, from where have all these experts gained such vast knowledge……..medication, I recently read the statins are now only beneficial to certain age groups and that they definitely do not work on everyone……… seems that more and more of the old remedies are again being used as in herbal……..but these would not be encouraged by the pharmaceutical companies………money money money.…….who cares about the side effects and the pills we are told to pop, not the money making tablet machines……but there is no doubt that some meds prolong and make for a more comfortable life…….but regarding food, I would say not to much of the goody foods which add the weight, because we do know for sure that the extra bulk buckles the joints……..thats logic and a fact… bit of advice for today…xxx

  13. starlette Post author

    Hello Rock…..well you have covered a multitude of sayings there…… I have just replied to Michael we should now invent some new ones to pass down to the future generation, some that are more fitting in the society we live in…….where would we start in this age of Tech, Social networking bullying, Drugs, Crime……….it would have to be along the lines of having courage in the face of adversity, stay strong, dont be manipulated and led astray by morons…..who would be young in this age……..well actually I would………

    1. sunshine777

      yesss, Dear Starlette, the advice has served me very well…. YOU are ever so sweet and thoughtful to inquire ….
      AS Ever,
      Sunshine …. sunshine 777

    1. sunshine777

      Dear CSweet,
      I have not seen YOU in ever so long… Happy to see YOU here again… both my sadly departed Daddy and My Mother….I miss one of them…
      my Mother seldom even spoke with me…. However; before she died… she left me with two bits of advice…
      Always, do keep a bit of mystery about YOU…. and…. Always, leave them asking for more….
      AS Ever, Sunshine sunshine … 777…. good advice, actually,… has stood me well

  14. PamfromTX

    Best advice by my late mother was to continue to be proud of our heritage ~ even amongst the discrimination against black and Latino students that we faced.

    “We all bleed the same color of blood.” ~ Mom

  15. tessa

    After being married about 6 months I had a fit about something and a fight ensued. I called my Dad and asked to come home. He said, “you loved him enough to marry him, make it work. I love you honey, Bye.” Dad’s know their daughters and I’m glad mine knew me so well then.

  16. starlette Post author

    Well not quite………” You Made Your Bed Now Lay On It”……….he knew you well enough to know you married a good man and would soon get over your hissy fit……..