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My foster daughter has arrived as she is going to be my working legs and help me look after my grandson whilst his parents attend a wedding that involves them leaving him a few days. Things going well as Lucas totally settled in now.. Not sure if he's remembered stuff or its the familiarity of Skype. He is unbelievably relaxed and at home. He woke up this morning asking to see his "Maka" (his own special name for me).
When Jo brought him in with some toast for lazy me, still in bed, it was clear he had already connected with her. She had stayed with them over CHristmas and was bridesmaid at their wedding and she is part of our family now, so maybe he clearly remembered her. They all went off to the ZOo and I pottered around cooking meatballs for dinner from scratch as my daughter in law is Italian and they cook from pure ingredient, her mother being old school and the matriarch.
Lucas wanted pizza but did settle for meatballs without any tears. Jo taking over feeding him. Lucas is a calm child but equally energetic. He does not take after his father here as my Matthew was hyper as a child and such a big child he filled the space around him.. He is over six feet now so it was to be expected.. story time and cuddles watching a cartoon and up he went to bed with Jo putting him down.. Half an hour later my other son came down to tell us he could hear Lucas who was calmly awake calling "mommy, maka. Mommy maka" ' clearly daddy is out if favour.
It's all good signs, positive signs as both parents are now facing the reality of leaving him, and Jo and I can reasure them about how settled he is with both of us.. Tomorrow Jo is moving in so by Friday we will have taken over most of his days routine.
Another treasured day when I can thank God for bringing my lovely Jo into our lives who not only wants to do this, taking holiday to help, and allowing me such wonderful son's even though both have chosen American girls as their own life partners.

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  1. nmod

    Things seem to be going smoothly ,and that’s good to hear . I hope the rest of the plans all fall into place and that the experience is a positive one for everybody .
    Take care and enjoy this special family time xx