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Well they arrived from the USA. My elder son, his wife and my 2 year old grandson. He was tired and kept saying "Daddy Home" as he has reached the age of understanding he was not at home in any sense of the word. SKYP works for the Global family as to say we have only physically met when he was 6 months old, 14 month old and now the connection is strong.

WIthin half an hour he was on the floor playing trains with his "Maka" just the same way we do over SKYPE. He sat and to the amazement of his parents cuddled into his "Maka" as she read him Mr Magnolia both saying he had gone off books and would not sit like that anymore with them. He went to bed [it was 2am UK time] and when he woke this morning and Mom said to him up shall we get dressed and go out to play ....he said "Nooooooo....I want to go see Maka.
We drew on the chalk board, we played parking the car and did some Thomas tank games and this little guy is better than I am with the touch screen Ipad.

He has always copied me over SKYPE so now he is rapidly adding to his vocabulary going round saying "Golly gosh" and putting his arms out for effect. Mind you i think i prefer being fed over skype as i do not actually have to eat it.......YUK to cold pastinie and scrambled egg which I got fed today. Tonight we laid and double decked with me on the settee [couch] on my side and him laying on top of me...just the way his dad used to do 28 years ago,... as we read another book.

Lovely times.

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  1. millie

    aww… that’s a sweet scene to picture.. what a wonderful time w/ your grandson and the memories that it brings up w/ your own son. hard to believe it’s been so long, isn’t it? my own is 27 and seems like yesterday that he used to back into my lap & plop down for story time. lol. nice blog, myhurtingback.. thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. nmod

    This brought tears to my eyes , it’s so beautiful to hear that you are enjoying each others company
    There’s no substitute for real life one on one contact , even if you are being fed yucky food lol
    You are lucky you are not being fed “pretending” food , like sand or plasticine !
    Children are so accommodating , it’s amazing you’ve managed to form a strong connection with him over these 2 years of long distance relationship .
    Your close relationship with your son has certainly helped to continue on the next generation .
    I know you will make the most of this special time together. This is so important for you as his loving Maka … And for him , well he will never forget it …his love and devotion for you will be eternal ! ( I still remember my grandpa whom I loved so dearly )
    Thank you for enlightening us by sharing this most wonderful story with us ! xx

  3. jenna

    What a wonderful relationship you have with your grandson. Cherish the moments you share with him. I also had a grandchild living in the US who came to visit when she was 5 years old, the 3 weeks we shared was amazing, I even learned all about Sponge Bob and Square Peg, lol. Maka, you sound the most loving Grandma, thank you for sharing xx