Get moving

Hi everyone. I have been a bit lazy in my exercising (walking , jogging and getting back to appreciating nature).My excuse was the very humid summer and high temps.This week I began fast walks and jogs early mornings.I had forgotten how good it makes you feel.I am sleeping better and it has improved my frame of mind.I think it is easy to slip out of the habit of moving more.What type of exercise gets your good feeling going?

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  1. sophie2

    I am new here this year and happy to re- enter. I was here for a couple of years a few years ago.
    I love hiking esp with birding, mostly in the early day. On the days I do not birdwatch I just walk and try to get the (10,000 steps) HaH!
    My backyard is large and I am still caring for it all. Summer is finally here and the flowers and plants coming up.

  2. mart

    This morning I did a 7 mile walk alongside the local canal. I took a flask and had a coffee and a fag half way round. Caught the bus back home. Sorted.

  3. marjory Post author

    Yes your mood and energy levels have a lot to do with your motivation.A lot of selftalk to keep the momentum going I find is reqiured