Fun times

I can remember a time when we had an hour on here every week where the object of a game was to come up with a phrase once we were given a sequence of letters, like "awlptze". I cannot recall what the game was named. But I remember participating a few times and what I enjoyed what reading what the other members were coming up with.

Anyway, just a thought I am having this morning.

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  1. katelin

    David.. funny you would mention this now, as I have recently been thinking about it myself, and have considered starting it up again, but have been quite busy. Another member had started the game originally and I was asked to take over, when they could no longer continue hosting. It was a weekly get-together in the game room… game was called Acronymia. It was very entertaining, lots of fun for many, but I had to finally discontinue hosting it, due to time constraints on the home front. Nobody else volunteered to continue the game, so it stopped. Now, many members are busy with the holidays and family, so perhaps when schedules re-adjust, it can be started again.

  2. Suzan1957

    I would be willing to be a fill in host for the game Katelin. I hosted a word association game which I picked up from another chatter. We had lots of fun and should start acronymia up again at the first of the year.

  3. katelin

    It will be so much fun again. I’ll be contacting the players who frequented the game in the past, to let them know I’ll be starting the game again. Some have been away from the site for awhile, busy with life …but hopefully they’ll be back at some point to join many new players, as well. The holidays are keeping everyone very busy right now. Thanks for your offer to fill in, Suzan.. I’m sure there will be times when I’ll take you up on that… very kind of you. 🙂