Hello Peeps...…….spending...…..are you a frivolous impulse buyer ...…..whats the most expensive on impulse purchase you bought...….,.did you very quickly regret it and learn a lesson from it...…..or are you someone who weighs up all the pros and cons and still remains undecided......I have a friend who has been known to return to a shop three or four times because she couldn't make her mind up about an item , and on occasions it has then been sold and she missed out, or did she....chances are she would have returned it anyway....someone you wouldn't want to go shopping with...…..myself, re clothing and house accessories I know what I like and can make an immediate decision.....electrical goods I will read reviews before buying......and now the season for shopping...….Oh Lordy where do we start......just save all those receipts for the returns......

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  1. roseinbloom

    Shopping, I can be called a frivolous impulse shopper. I went on a trip and spent too much for a ring. I have bought too many things at bargain prices which were not just right for me. Sometimes, I do better spending more money and getting what I love. I have tried to start shopping for what I NEED insteadof new for the sake of new.
    Sometimes, I buy something I do not like but can find nothing that I do like like, example, exercise clothing. Shopping is not easy for older women. I am petite but I don’t need a lot of spandex.

  2. rose1943

    I do not like most of tge new styles in tge stores nor online. Sometimes I’ll find something in one of the trillions of catalogues mailed to me. They sell patterns and fabric on Amazon and I have an older sewing machine that sill works. When I was still employed I spent like crazy for Christmas and birthday gifts and treated some of my CLOSE people to dinner at Ruth’s Chris and a good musical. I never felt badly after doing that. I have closets full of clothes but usually wear my “uniform” if I’m just at home which is most of the time. I mostly purchase things for the kitchen some which end up getting stored away somewhere. Otherwise I’ve always been careful with money having had been brought up that way. I guess you could say I’m very simple. I mostly spend now on streaming movies, etc. on my Firestick.

  3. starlette Post author

    Hello Rose, like you I have bought many things that I dont really need, as in clothing…….I still see many things I like but stop myself from buying because I am finally finding room for what I have got, its hard work to spend ages looking through the wardrobe for a certain garment, I waste so much time doing that……now the charity shops really do well out of me… finally I ask myself how much wear I will get out of clothes before buying……its just that I love a bargain,but it isn’t really a bargain if you give it away………….my friend went to buy a Ariel for the caravan we had bought second hand and had yet to use……he came away having purchased a new one caravan……sheeesh…lol

  4. starlette Post author

    Hello Rose 1943, oh I love kitchen appliances…….my family call me the gadget Queen…….I am a sucker for TV demonstrations…….they make them look so easy and everything turns out perfectly cooked….tin openers that do a dozen other jobs…….Bread Makers, multi cookers, Halogen Ovens, Air Fryers,

  5. roseinbloom

    I have my trunk full of clothes to be donated and most of them hardly worn. Poor choices and some outgrown. I buy kitchen things but not many because I have most everything I need and I don’t cook a lot. I do try to buy cleaning products that I like to use and make my work easier. I have a lot of cleaning to do and I don’t like it but it has to be done and is good exercise. I just bought a new mop that gets into tight places. I just bought a new item called a popover, it is warm and you can sleep in it or lounge in it. At this age, I am guilty of lounging about and do need more casual things. Shift in life causes me to need more things. I need to make fewer major changes.

  6. davidrv

    I can be undecided for a long time. Then one day I’ll buy the item, either because it’s at a better price, or I’ve just made up my mind that I may have a need for it. Slow impulse buying.

  7. starlette Post author

    Hi David…….but what if the item has been sold when you go back to buy it……….I would be Kicking myself for being so undecided……lol

  8. Judeee

    Lol, My big impulse was signing up for a years worth of fancy facials, am still having them, it’s been a long year. Do I look a younger version? well actually, a big fat no, but I have enjoyed the relaxation and sheer decadence of it all. My first big splash ever. No regrets, cheers everybody, life is to short for regrets.. ?

    1. roseinbloom

      judee, I admire you for admitting it. I got talked into buying a light up makeup mirror at a huge price. I think it was at least $150.00. That is my stupid choice. Now, I come home and check the internet before I buy most anything over $50. I bought a robot vacuum but I had the sense to return it. I want to downsize, so I am more careful about buying things.

  9. starlette Post author

    Hi Judeee………no matter how impulsive or expensive……..if you enjoy and It gives you pleasure then it can never be a waste of money………..

  10. bea

    When I start my regular clear out of items no longer required I realise how silly it was of me to purchase so many things. As I’ve grown older I’m realising the need for these purchases at those times. Many of the purchases were put to practical use, but many more were impulse buys and became wasted money. These days I no longer get the buzz or joy I once got from buying things either for myself or as gifts for others; perhaps I’ve grown up.

    1. starlette Post author

      Hello Bea….its odd that what once gave us pleasure becomes a burden in having to clear out and dispose of……..but I still browse around the shops and buy……old habits die hard, I have just become more selective about what I purchase, I ask myself is it something that will get worn on a regular basis or just hang there never having been worn…….I am still sifting through clothes that have never see the light of day, and never will on my back anyway…….given so much stuff to the charity shop and never missed it, cannot even remember what I donated…but yes I have bought a few sparkly tops for christmas ……..its once a year….it had to be done…lol.