Frightening situation.

Many years ago my wife and I were registered foster parents, category boys 11-17yrs on remand and or difficult placements, on this particular day I received a telephone call telling me they had a girl 14yrs old with a 3mth old baby, she had been evicted from her residence this being an emergency would we take her. I felt we did not have any option, she arrived with her social worker, 3weeks later my wife was so distraught with the girls lack of hygiene and the baby constantly crying, on this day the baby was asleep I requested the girl
assist me in my workshop by wrapping a large box and addressing it, this took approx 30mns on returning to the house my wife pointed how stupid I had been, what if the girl had accused me of an assault, this had never crossed my mind, and I could never prove my innocence. A lesson learned, but my thoughts are with anybody falsely accused, you cannot prove a negative. I discussed this with the social worker who explained the child would always be believed and we would be struck off, she stayed with us for approx 4mths but we would never have any girls.

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  1. starlette

    Hello Chunky, well i was a manager in care homes for people with learning difficulties…… often have i seen staff falsely accused of abuse, mainly by homosexual residents towards male members of staff, who had of course rebuffed their advances, so not always the females, cases where staff have had breakdowns whilst on suspension from work, their marriages breaking down because of the stress…..two men were never allowed on duty together if there was any female residents in the home, if there were to be a accusation the men would have been seen to be in collaboration …… unfair is that to men………..during my training we were always told……..Not if you are accused…….but when you are accused……… any kind of work to do with the care of others, although can be very rewarding, is also a very precarious profession to undertake, and yes of course the complaint has to be believed and taken seriously, the accuser removed from any possible danger, false allegation or other wise……. can take months for the enquirey to be completed ………

  2. powderpuff

    I understand that complaints have to be taken seriously but it is a shame when those people are giving their time voluntary. I wonder how many good people are getting accused and their lives being in tatters because of this