Friends from afar couldn’t be any more near…

Thought this might be a good time to repost this, I wrote it in the beginning of 2011, when you read it, you will understand why...for nothing has changed, the cycle has gone on and on, glad it did, its a beautiful part of my life.


You know…I have, probably like many of you, grumbled, complained, ranted, and downright bitched about technology. But there is one true blessing as a result of that sometimes dreaded technology – it allows us to make friends around the world, as well as, many different venues to discover and build those friendships. Most importantly, I have found that distance really means nothing more than uncovering the similarities and differences, and then celebrating them. Big ponds are just that, ponds of water that friendships navigate.

Senior Chatters is one of those venues – where I have made friends and acquaintances through chat, the blogs, the galleries, private messages, private chats, and the groups. Some of you have become and will be my lifelong friends. Others will be acquaintances and chat buddies. Others may have crossed my path to be nothing more, but you will in some way have affected my life. And I would be remiss if I were not to also say that my feelings have been hurt. But one does not get one without the other. My life has been forever changed.

Many times, I have laughed until I cried until my stomach hurt. And, I have cried when someone was hurt and broken hearted. I have witnessed unprecedented support that no words could ever detail. I have received and given such support. I have attended funerals with you. I have sailed to distant shores with you – throwing people off the boat no less. I have soared like an eagle with you, then falling to the ground like a lame duck! I have read the tenderest words. I have seen the harshest words. I have learned that it is okay if you simply just can’t stand somebody. Maybe they cant stand you either! Hahaha… I have been silly like a 5 year old with you. I have learned so much that can never be found in any book. You have encouraged me. I have been told to shut up – by someone who really meant I should indeed shut up! You have lifted me up when I have fallen. I could never tell you how much I cherish and treasure our differences. For it is those differences that have undeniably enriched my life.

Technology can really be awesome, cant it? `

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  1. lani36

    couldnt add anything to your blog if I tried ,, so sweet, have a wonderful day.xxxi agree with it all.

  2. PollyPie

    Beautifully said Helen.
    You have written about a family who have feelings, differences, and who argue, rant and bitch but love each other and stand by each other when needed.
    If we were strangers, we would always be polite to each other.
    Its so nice to be part of a big rowdy family. 😀 😀

    1. helensophie Post author

      TY Polly. Yes,, exactly Pol. We may not always agree, have differences, throw a zinger or two, BUT never, NEVER mess with the family!!!! Wonderful to have you as part of it. xxx

  3. Postman73

    As one lone fella, amongst this deluge of ladies, i can only echo what you say Helen. I use S.C as a bridge to cross these ‘ponds’, so it really doesn’t seem as if my friends are all that far away at all. We’re all on the one planet, and where there’s a will………
    Thanks for the post, great read.

  4. roseinbloom

    helensophie. Well stated and states a lot of what we all share; but the people here also gave me faith enough to love them and to find romance again. And I knew they would still be there when and if it soured and they have been I justlgiving me support and encouragement and their best experience after I blogged for their help.
    Whatever happens to celebrate, to weep, or to wonder; they are here just about every minute day or night, because we sleep in three major shifts, so there are some ready willing and able to help at all times. I just love these chatter people.

  5. Linda

    Loved your blog. How else would I have such great friends all over the world if it were not for the internet! Now if I would get on Skype, I might even be able to talk to them and hear their voice. Very nice positive post… love reading those.

  6. helensophie Post author

    Thank you Linda and Rose. We do need to get that skype working girlfriend. Maybe we can work on that together next week, when I get back from Tomahawk. Then I can see your smiling face when we talk. xxx