🎄Festive Fun 🎉

Christmas is coming and

Although it is dear

We’ll all spend our money

And do it with cheer

Sented soap for Aunt Mabel

A toy train for Sam

Roast turkey on the table

And sannies of ham

The kiddies are happy 

Their faces aglow

Santa is coming

Along with the snow

Here are the songsters

Singing carols with joy

Let’s all raise our voices

Way up to the sky

Let’s welcome in Christmas

Greet friends from afair 

Send cards and good wishes

To wherever they are

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  1. Merry Christmas Scorpio.
    In these tumultuous times of information overload,
    Of outside influences attacking our souls.
    Just as we were once children seeking acceptance
    And protection without our total knowledge,
    Let’s not forget those that need our attention and love.
    There is nothing purer than a child discovering the world,
    A second chance for us to soften our heart and remember
    How it felt to be loved, protected and wanted.
    Merry Christmas to all, and above all,
    Do not forget the Christ in Christmas.