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(I have had a couple of reminders of high school days recently. I wrote the following story in 2011 and want to share it with my friends here.)

This summer has been the 30th high school reunion for my class. (I was unable to attend.) Of course, reunion time brings back memories!

I want to share a funny story that happened the end of Senior year.

All the school faculty/staff were having a meeting before school started one morning. We students were allowed in the building after the first bell, and I think we had 10 minutes before the second bell. Which, as you know, means be in 1st period class, in your seat!

The teachers were having their meeting in the library, which was situated in the middle of the building, halls and classrooms forming a big square surrounding it. It had glass walls and double doors, the kind with big, open handles that pull open outwards. At least I remember that the front entrance walls were glass.

So, a few seniors realized that ALL the faculty and staff were in the library. Someone found a long board and stuck it through the door handles, leaving them, well...impossible to open from the inside.

There was that moment when the teachers realized they were locked in, and they were all looking out at us. Us, meaning most of the student body. We had gathered around the front of the library by then, and we were looking back at the dismayed, angry teachers!

Well, one student teacher was "loose", and he came and let the teachers out. Oh, Mr. Goody- Two- Shoes had to spoil our delightful rebellion. Our Senior take over of the school lasted all of five minutes.

It was fun while it lasted.

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  1. jsmile

    Kay had an evil streak :0 Reminds me of the story at the high school my father in law taught.
    At the end of a long day in class he was so ready to go home. Walks the huge parking lot for the car. to no avail he walked back to the teacher’s lounge to gather his thoughts. Looking out the lounge window he spotted his car across the street in a tobacco field. Some of the senior gorillas had toted his car into the field as a joke. Funny thing was he had some tests of theirs on his desk that were yet to be graded lol.

  2. millie

    Well I hope you got a detention for that, young lady! lol Too funny…Bet some of the teachers didn’t mind all that much getting a bit longer break.. Would have been interesting to see how long you all would’ve let them stay locked in had that other teacher not come along. Well, good story.. ah the fun and rebellion of youth, 🙂

  3. oldbull

    Nothing like a prank getting over on the faculty, not merely one teacher, to make for treasured memories of youth. May you laugh at the retelling for reunion years to come.