What do people think of the fast food chains?

Here where I live we only ever could get pies or fish and chips when I was younger.

I never thought that we would end up with so many varieties,( I do not like any fast food, just me I think)

I mean there are Chinese, Cantonese, Indian, Pizza places, Chicken places, you more or less can get anything.

I just think it is a lazy way to get a meal, and you do need to know the ingredients, I mean buying sandwiches. Is that really what we need to do? I think it is cheaper , and easier to do our own at home if we want things like that.

I did have Fish and chips when younger, and a meat and potato pie sometimes, only because I had no choice if my Mother decided that was for Saturday lunch.

We did however get a roast dinner on Sunday, and Hot pots, shepherds pies ect, and my Mother did bake at weekends, Gingerbread, all sorts of cakes, and meat and potato pies , and fruit pies.

I was brought up to the words that my Father always said,' If you do not like it, then leave the table , you cannot be hungry.There are people starving in the world.'

Actually we were fed very well.

I just look at all of the litter that people who use the fast food places leave in their wake. Even throwing plastic cups and wrapping, tins from coke ect out of car windows.

Maybe this is why a lot of the younger generation , do not cook.I do not know?

Well that is my gripe for today,


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  1. waylander

    Quite right too, Tania. Our local parade of shops has about 14 shops in it, but these include fish & chip shop (run by Italians) Chinese takeaway, Turkish restaurant, Indian restaurant (with takeaway area), a bakery doing everything from sandwiches on store baked bread, various pies and sausage rolls through to specialist cakes made to order and finally a take away pizza place. Our own little United Nations, which is all very well, but, like you, I despair of the mess left behind despite there being plenty of waste bins on the parade.
    I blame the lack of consideration on the parents leaving the kids to educate themselves on a computer rather than being instructed (with the occasional back hander to get the message home) in how to behave.

    1. tania Post author

      Thank you, Waylander……I wish people would take their rubbish home, then we would not get the Gulls coming in .

  2. happysailor1

    Tania, I too am nor was I ever really a fast food person as a youngster or an adult. With fish and chips being the exception for me personally, sorry. In my younger days in Texas the local hamburger drive-ins where more of a gathering point for us teens, who had very little money, to begin with, to meet and listen to music and dance, as well as grab a bite. Places Like Princes or the local Dairy Queen of my youth resemble little to what we see today. And yes the generated waste is horrible.
    Like you and your family, we too had the main staples during the week, mostly garden fresh veggies, various meats, both domestic and wild and plenty of fresh fish caught when time permitted. Each evening at 6 PM the table was set, work was stopped hands were washed the dinner bell was rung. I smiled when I read your quote from your father’s words. Granddad said basically the same thing only in our case with a Southern twang. But the meaning was clearly understood. Sunday was the day of rest. The animals were fed early, a light eats on the run breakfast and then the getting ready for the family trip to town, After services, and fellowshipping, better known as Gossip hour, we came home and my mother, Grandmother would busy themselves with Sunday Dinner. The entire family came together, ladies with platters in hand, or maybe a cake or my favorite a freshly baked cherry pie. Eventually the dinner bell, in our family this was an old cowbell hung from the porch. The tone of this bell still brings a tinge of hunger to me.
    But Saturday night for us teens was the one day of the week we all, regardless of which family waited for. When my younger brother and I were ready, Granddad would always say to us ” Mind your manors, boys “, and Nana, our Grandmother, and Mom would stand there and wave us along often I would turn back and see this picture with my younger sister peeking from behind the living room curtains, her time had not yet come, smiling too.
    The ride to town was nothing unusual, dirt road sun low in the Texas sky, country music mixed with what is now called slow rock fired us up. Finally, the lights of the only stop, The Dairy Queen, came into view. The truck radio was turned off and replaced by music from the Burger place. The teenage girls, all dressed in various finery, hair pulled back into a ponytail, for stuffed under a hat, some with poured on jeans, others with skirts that my made the church grannies blush and us young wranglers paw the ground. The burgers and fries were heaven on a platter, all the ingredients farm fresh and were reasonably priced for the time, a little steep for us farm boys, but worth it. the girls never had money, we believed. So us big spenders paid with a smile of course. let the angels sing we will pay the devil later was the saying, meaning ” have the fun, the work will come later.” and so it was for me
    In contrast, today I see nothing close to what I remember. The cost of a pressed mash of unknown items and shock frozen, something called cheese but has no relationship to any cheese I know and fries that taste more like wood splinters soaked in oil and doused with salt costing a lovely 10 dollars, a soda minus any ice, 2.00 dollars added. Fantastic.
    Yes, there are many different types of fast food. I have been to many places and have tasted these things for other lands and what we here have is not even close to what the name implies. Ever see a Japanese tourist trying fast-food sushi? I have not, case closed…
    Truly, I feel sad that our younger generation has not experienced what we have. The cities and countries may vary but ultimately the fast-food era today is the same.

    1. tania Post author

      I can understand what you talk about, Happysailor1, my late brother, just a year younger to me went into farm work from when he was at school. He worked weekends , and holidays eventually owning his own farm.As I have already stated I came from a faring town, so all these fast foods we never saw in our days, I was more than happy with fish , and chips…I feel sad that the young do not seem to cook anymore, But that I suppose is a sign of the times…Thank you

  3. deaks

    the masses adore fast food if not there would not be so many
    wow how do u measure lazy
    to spend a day out with the vfamily including a fast food meal is that lazy or love
    is it lazy to shop or to grow
    is it lazy to use a microwave or oven
    is it lazy to use an oven or make a fire

  4. starlette

    Hi Tania….fast food excepting the occasional fish and chips is not to my taste……..I will buy the odd meat pie from the local bakers because they taste nice and are not devoid of filling….other than that its good old fashioned food for me…….but it does amaze me how some can afford the take always three and four times a week……

    1. tania Post author

      Hi Starlette, I agree with you. There are young people near where I live, and I do not even know how they eke out money for the children and themselves, several times a wekk. Surely it would be healthier and cheaper to make something….Thank you

  5. happysailor1

    Ladies and Gentlemen lets all just meet at the local McDon and have a cup… just kidding of course!! But seriously it would be such a pleasure walking into a burger joint of old and seeing people my age chatting, having a soda and listening to some nice boogie. There is such a place, Joes Garage here, the food available is all-natural, and grown locally. And the music varies between a few 50s hop and 60s, 70s beats. The younger set usually 30 or below find the pace, not to be their cup of tea. The deco is just as it was so long ago. I have been there many times and for a couple of hours, I am 16 again. Remember, Coke Floats, or Cherry Coke? How about a real hand made fresh Milkshake? with a dose of ” Downtown ” by Petula Clark? or ” These Boots ” by Nancey S. Afterwards, I just go home and the world turns, but in my heart, the songs ring and sometimes I even skip along.

    1. tania Post author

      Happysailor1 I have never ever been in a Mc Don’ Burger King or the like….there is a McDonald’s just being built in Ulverston now, and causing a lot of controversy is all I know.I do remember the songs though,,,and I have had Bratwust mitt Pomfrettes in Germany and enjoyed them …Thank you

  6. happysailor1

    I am happy that you like those german things. Me, not my cup of tea. I am generally meat and potatoes. I have tried meat pie while in London, but my time was so limited and short. I hope to return to the UK for a longer stay someday. But through your writings, I can see many things that I would like to experience. Have a nice day.

    1. tania Post author

      I also am a meat and potato person, having been brought up on them….as I said in a post , I loved Germany….Have a nice Day.